Mr_13en's list Winner is Gamtruly


Game started, @Lewer v @Phants for 5th spot. An all feedback match up on Sharkfood Island…Although me and Mrs Phants are on our 2nd bottle of wine tonight so probably no more play from me till tomorrow!


I claim spot 8
Due to forfeit

I challenge @big_boss





I challenge @Torbreck for his seconds spot


Challenge accepted -will send invite tomorrow AM


@phants win against @Lewer - just holding off the early attack and scraping through with 1 base hp to spare.

Gg @Lewer


I challenge @game_taker for 4th place


P 1Torbreck vs p2 HansJoachimAa fva Sweet tooth


I claim 4th place by forfeit.


Defended 2nd place


@GAMTRULY are you up for another challenge ?


So that conclude the Mr_13en’s list. Gamtruly is the winner!
Thank you all for participating! Thanks to @mr_13en for the setup!
@big_boss @Cmss220 @Sharugames @Phants @CH0DU @game_taker @ggggggggkkkkkk @Torbreck @Alan_Klaus @Lewer