Mr_13en's list Winner is Gamtruly


I think you want me to pick glitch! I’ll consider the map and invite you soon.

Ive only beat you in one or two games out of 10 but I want you to try your hardest because I sure will. Let’s make a replay that will be watched for years to come.


Have you considered lowering the requirements a little to get in this tourney? It’s cool having the best players in it, but it would be nice to have a few more players in the waiting list.

It’s not too late to sign up is it? I’ll ask my friends vitessa and antiturnip if they are interested in playing if it’s not too late.


I would join, but I definitely don’t qualify :stuck_out_tongue:


I have been thinking about how to get more players on the challenger list and I am not sure that we should lower the requirements directly. I have rather thought about having multiple ways to qualify.
For example hosting a tournament where the best player/players get a chance against nr 10. Another idea is to have an extra list where people can signup and get a shot if no one on the challenger list challenge nr 10. Or maybe they can challenge players on the challenger list and get on it if they beat them.
As long as there is a list tournament, players that qualify can signup. Antiturnip and vitessa are welcome to join:)


Those are really good ideas. Memories usually beats me so I’m sure he could qualify if you had requirements like that.

I’ll ask them!



Just won and keep post 2, now I can challenge post 1? @ggggggggkkkkkk


I gave the rules a facelift!
i hope you like it=)


Hey @HansJoachimAa,

Nice clarity in the new rules. One comment:

The final line of 2.3 seems quite quick… it makes sense for the second line, since the challenged player will already have had 48 hours plus the extra 12 hours total to start a match. However, the challenger will only receive 12 hours notice to start a match on a specific map. Some people might not have time to attend to Outfitters within a specific 12-hour period, especially if it falls over night and/or during a busy day at work for them.



I agree :slight_smile:


accepted, game sent


Post 1 as p1 vs post 2 , shark food island , s vs b


Challenge defended


fast attack that I didn’t aware, I am weak to aware such strong and risky strategy, hope could play better next time.
And hope I can receive challenge very soon as I stopped all 1vs1 game for long


He invented that rush :yum:


I added a new rule. Is it unclear or do you have any other comments about it?
(edited: I rewrote the rule to make it clearer)
3.5 Claiming victory
Players needs to claim victory when their opponents run out of time. If your opponent accept the challenge or make a move before you make your claim, your claim is not valid.
You make a claim by posting why your claim is valid and add @forumname of your opponent.

I also added that a screenshot needs to show a timestamp

3.2 Clock is ticking
A match is considered a forfeit if counter reaches “They forfeit in 1d.” Player must post screenshot in this forum thread as proof. It also has to show a timestamp.


I’m pretty confused by the new rule. It is pretty early in the morning though. My head doesn’t work right until about lunch Time.

Are you basically saying if a person gets down to 1 day left and the other person doesn’t claim it then the first person makes their move with 5 hours left, there is no penalty because the other person didn’t claim it?


Yes:), though that is where we can make an exception.
It also counts for 3.3, 2.2.1 and 2. 3


Don’t you want to participate anymore?


Smooth move! That rush is interesting and worked out, congrats! But it’s a big risky. If he had spawned a runner instead of a soldier and saw your rush he could have taken the runner and a soldier, moving up his heavy also. It likely would have ended up as a loss.

But then again, people as P2 rarely spawn a runner so it was a good bet that he wouldn’t spawn a runner and that he would move up his soldier instead of going around the back which is also less often done.

(I like talking strategy, it was a great move, very fun!)


@Sharugames Did not accept my challenge within 48 hours and therefore I claim his spot.

[quote=“HansJoachimAa, post:101, topic:13597, full:true”]
I challenge @Sharugames for the 7th spot
[/quote] That challenge was made 17.04, which is three days ago

But Sharugames, I want to play you so if you see this within a day let’s play a match instead!