Mr_13en's list Winner is Gamtruly


Yeah it’s pretty risky. I only used it twice in league matches because the second time they spawned a runner and I lost. I gave it a shot this time since I played 2 games vs Gamtruly on SFI last season and we both did the usual soldier spam opening, so I figured he wouldn’t expect it.


I like the meta! Knowing your opponent and using that in the games!


Every rush has its weak points
it changes how you play that map after being defeated which is a feat in upon itself

But to get a rush named after you that’s pure class
Burnocaster (machination)this one was invincible every big names tried finding a solution

I heard from jesusfuentesh they had to change the game starting wits in 2v2 to be able to stop this one
(Don’t know how correct this is cause I started playing just a few years back)

Their are a few more for other maps but I don’t know who invented them
Oh almost forgot this one it’s not a rush per se but I do like to call it
L9 torbreck rush
Which he used against PiT on a tournament match


Haha we’ve played each other a lot. By the end of my last league run he was the only person I was getting matched against, 15 games last season I think.


I’ve won so many games with gk’s sfi strategy. Yeah if they spawn a runner it’s tough but most the time they don’t and it’s over.


@HansJoachimAa sorry was travelling but will gladst accept your challenge. Since i was late i decide to go 2nd but you can choose the map this time.


Thx - but credit for that Long Nine rush should go to LER4T I picked it up from him a few years ago.


You’re right, 1NSAN3 =) I just like talking about strategy. There are some “rushes” which I think are recoverable even if the person tries to counter.

For instance, I find the “pushing middle with soldiers and heavy from start for SFI Player 1” to be strong even if Player 2 tries to counter it.

I also find the 2nd player Sweetie Plains push to be strong, if you can consider that to be a push.

Can you link me a replay of the Long Nine rush, I totally don’t remember that?


Oh my that one I think sdmario does that one the best you should see his SFI replays

This is the l9 one


Ah, how does that work out if 2nd player puts a runner above the heavy? I find most players do that. I wonder if he would be able to counter it then.


Here is a player 1 version.

I made a mistake thinking he couldn’t kill my mobi when he did but it worked out in the end.

I think the player 2 version is stronger. I tried it before on someone who had the runner above heavy and it still worked out. I’ll look for the replay.

Actually that game was my first match this tourney so you might have seen it already


This is the original post from Ler4t that I picked up the move from

Goes back a few years LER4T and blckace - 2 very good players.


what happened to this team haven’t seen them in a while
i can’t even imagine how strong they were
they could probably steal the spot from current rank#1


Could you imagine how strong they would be if they were sitting next to each other discussing their moves in person?

Power level over 9000!


Ok - since @GAMTRULY has played a game does that mean I can challenge him again ?

If so - consider the gauntlet thrown down sir


I accept challenge , if rules not count can be friendly match


Are you currently playing another match? if not, you can start! As I know gamtruly does not.


P1 HansjoachimAa VS P2 Sharugames
Sweetie plains AvF


Team -PasswordisTorbreck.- was the best!


Gamtruly v Torbreck on Foundry (AvA)