Mr_13en's list Winner is Gamtruly


Have you started your game against cmss220?


Yes, sorry, it is FvS on foundry he is P1


I think that you should not have to defend your position many times before to get to challenge the player over you. If we remove the rule 2.1.4 theoretically two players could play forever without the higher player getting a chance to challenge the player over him. With 2.1.4 there is a large window where you can challenge the player over you.


What happen if I started friendly match not moved for the 1st round for 4 days? Will it counted for a lost ?


I did not fully understand that. Who did not move?
Either way it is up to your opponent to claim victory when you run out of time.


When I tried to start the game , I pressed wrong and chose the wrong type/map and leave it there and started another one, correct one. So what would happen for the wrong games after 4 days?


cmss220 vs. 1Cor13:4 FvS on Foundry. 1Cor13:4 won

GG, my friend!


That’s been happening to me a lot too lately. I’ll pick the race then invite opponent. I’ll hit go, the game will lag for 5+ seconds so I’ll think it didn’t register the command and try again. After a few seconds it will go to map selection, but because I tapped twice it automatically chooses Sfi.


I’ve never seen that p2 opening before. It really threw me off. I think I lost on turn 5, if not turn 5 then definitely turn 7. I felt like you were going to attack, I knew I would lose if you attacked, but I hoped you wouldn’t attack and give me one more turn.

Gg well played buddy!


Is this correct?
Gamtruly v Torbreck on Foundry (AvA)
If so, the other game doesnt matter


That opening is insane, I think i’m starting to see why cor is undefeated in top 200 right now.


I have declined the other games.

If you are P1 and start a friendly but chose something wrong, then you can just cancel / forfeit the game before you press done. When you do that it never shows up as a real game because P2 has never seen it or accepted it.


Thx, I don’t know it has such functions


@random_task @katabuki @Lewer
The first one of you to challenge nr 10 gets to play the challenge


Alright…I’ll try for a rematch with cmss220


I accept. I’ll start a game soon.


Post 2 defended, I can now challenge post 1? @ggggggggkkkkkk


accepted, started game


Map ST A vs A , this guy always as P1


@Sharugames vs HansJoachimAa 1-0
Sharugames keeps his 7th spot
I was waiting for you to post, as the rule now is that the winner has the responsibility to post match results