Mr_13en's list Winner is Gamtruly


I’m considering renaming this tournament to Mr_13en’s list.
Any input or better name suggestions?


Ok, Hans, I challenge you!


Mr bens list is a great name!! A tribute to the man, the myth, the legend.


So Mr Ben’s list or Mr_13en’s list?


Sorry I meant Mr_13en’s list


@Cor134 I accept the challenge and have sent an game invite


Thanks Hans for posting, i was travelling for work and don’t have the forums on my phone so was too lazy to search. Now again confirmed in my 7th place I’d love to launch another challenge for place Nr 6 @game_taker


Barely hung on in this one. Great game, BrambleMaster!



Nice game fellas. Very impressive adorables play there beach. I didn’t know you were beachlanding. I’m cmss220, the guy who’s in trouble against you on tg haha.


@Alan_Klaus Did you ever go by another account name?


Is weird that I thought bramblemaster was alan?

Also @Sharugames I’ve kinda been waiting for Alan and bramble to finish their game so I could challenge the loser. (

Am I still able to challenge the loser or do I have to accept sharugames challenge @HansJoachimAa.

What is bramblemaster’s account name in the forum?




Of course you can challenge upwards 1st.
I think one should have an upwards attempt before having to defend your own spot again


2.1.4 There cannot be a re-match between the same two players for the same position, before either of them have played a different player. Unless the player below you does not use his chance to challenge, for more than a week.

By the current rule you have to accept Sharugames challenge or forfeit.

Any rule change effect further challenges.

We could change the rule. I think that the current one makes it so that there are played games more often and gives incentive to play quicker so that you can challenge again. Most of the time you will switch between playing two different players.

I find the suggestion that you switch between defending and challenging every game more fair, but I believe that the games would last longer.

Any other comments? We could have a vote where I want 2/3 majority and aleast 5 votes, where only players one the list gets to vote


We can make it so that you can withdraw your challenge before the other player accepts. So I want you to make a post were you withdraw your challenge if you want to let game_taker challenge first.


Why does this rule apply now? I haven’t played against bramblemaster before.


Sharugames has played me


Ok makes sense.

My issue with the rule currently is what happens if Alan finishes his game, before sharu and I finish ours then Bigboss challenges alan before I can challenge him and we this can continue forever (or a really long time) thus becoming impossible for anyway to pass rank 6 which is not what we want.

Regardless, I will accept @Sharugames challenge to follow existing rules (will send you an invite in like 5-10h), but I do believe this rule should be amended to avoid the problem described.


@Alan_Klaus Hey
Could you next time include whether you change positions or keep the same positions so that it is easy for me to see when I have to edit the list?


That is were the incentive to play quickly comes in. I agree with you that you shouldn’t have to defend your position many times before you get to challenge. If three times is really rare, I want to keep it as is, buy if it happens to often, we have make a change to prevent that.