Name change


Just to avoid any confusion I had my buddy memories change my name to match my in game name.

Spccsc > cmss220
Sorry for the useless post. Maybe we can use this post to talk about video games or pets :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve recently been playing divinity. It’s the closest video game I’ve played to DnD.

My wife and I have 3 horses, 3 dogs, and too many fish to count. The fish just keep having more and move babies. Anyone want some cichlids? :stuck_out_tongue:


Great:) Those two names confused me for awhile:’(


You know, I was always watching your replays and I was actually intimidated by you when your name was intimidation. Now that you are Hans and I’ve faced you a few times you might even scare me more than you did before haha.


Hehe :slight_smile:


Our cichlids just had babies too! If you’re in California and want some lmk


I’m in California but I’m trying to get rid of fish haha. What kind of cichlids do you have? I have aratus which are African cichlids. Get like 4" long if they have a proper size tank and enough food.


Turns out I was mistaken about fish types. I have tetras, which are very different from cichlids lol. I think I was confused because my cousins have cichlids. Theirs are so aggressive that when they buy new fish, they buy one for each member of the family (five) and see who’s fish will be the sole survivor. Are yours aggressive?


I only have goldfish, and I’m talkin snack foods here.


I only have Swedish fish, and I’m also talking snack foods here