New advice to storm to Weekly Elite list


I was approach by Lewer the proper way, by chatting first, to be partners at 2v2a. And we choose to go slowly single match at a time. Little later 1Ricky_Dee1 just launched tons of matches me as his partner. Normally I would have just declined, but this time I did not. And I am glad, since I was able to do this little experiment.

Juslas and Lewer playing single simultaneous match at a time.

1st (1-0) won against fluffy and clever. Candy Core Mine and 30 turns.

2nd (2-0) won against arranged gifted on Mechanism. Hit both bases to make it hard to defend against mobi sniper. Win on turn 14.

3rd (3-0) won against random gifted newbie and inexperienced veteran. Or maybe hundred victories means experience. Turn 12 win on Mechanism.

4th (4-0) won against random gifted at Acrospire on turn 54. Slow match but I had fun with thorns.

5th (5-0) won against arranged masters at turn 30 on Sugar Rock. Defense left path open and <> had the wits to use eyes to be sure.

We were placed to brand new master league: Green Spring Division. And as sole member with 23 points we are number one, of course.

6th (5-1) lost against arranged masters on Mechanism. They we team one with an attack plan. We were lazy and rightfully got beaten up badly.

We are not placed at weekly elite list. Must be a surprise to Lewer who occupies most of the slots at the top.

7th (6-1) won on Sugar Rock against arranged masters ranked 39th at 40 entries long weekly elite list. Match took 54 turns.
38. SanDiego2 & nolekennedy (18 - 9)
39. echoron & Taerigi (113 - 45)
40. Arthurdbco & Ryzuma (27 - 21)
Nothing worth seeing in replay.
The Weekly Elite 2017-07-28 list is 39 teams long and we are not included. Our last opponent climbed four steps with 6-1 week.
35. echoron & Taerigi (119 - 46)

8th (7-1) won on Sugar Rock by capturing spawn, traditional clockwise attack. 32 turns against arranged masters, neither teams has reached The Weekly Elite.

As comparison
13. 1Ricky_Dee1 & Juslas (7 - 0) 2017-07-21
11. 1Ricky_Dee1 & Juslas (8 - 0) 2017-07-28
Five of those matches were against newbies and fluffy players. 1Ricky_Dee1 kept launching matches in such rate that clever and gifted were our 6th and 7th opponent. And then we started getting arranged masters as opponent. And after nine matches our two meetings with masters is 1-1.
12. 1Ricky_Dee1 & Juslas (8 - 1) 2017-08-04
And of course me and 1Ricky_Dee1 lost against arranged Super Titans. Walking heavy on Acrospire set us totally off balance. This opening is hard to pull, but most teams do make mistakes. And Super Titans know how to build on those errors.
Lost matches on my 8-2 start with 1Ricky_Dee1 were against arranged ranking list sensation Lewer.

Back to Juslas and Lewer playing single simultaneous match at a time (progress).
9th (8-1) won against unranked random masters Jagara84 and DESSSSSSSSSSSSS on Machination. 20 turns taken.

Eight win did not get us on ladder. While referencing team hold their spot after 1-1 week.
12. Ricky_Dee1 & Juslas (9 - 2) 2017-08-11
And drop a spot after lost match.
13. 1Ricky_Dee1 & Juslas (9 - 3) 2017-08-18

10th (9-1) won against random masters on Machination. Straight forward 20 turn win with double adorables.

The Weekly Elite 2017-08-25 finally has us at the last place!
13. 1Ricky_Dee1 & Juslas (10 - 3)
38. Juslas & Lewer (9 - 1)

And finally, is there anything to be learned from this track record. Yes there is.

Previously I advised winning single match a time in order to get higher level opponents and climbing the ladder faster. But since player pool and number of active matches is so low now, best tactic is just launch as many matches as possible at once. Preferable make sure opponents are low level sure wins.


The same thing happened to me ckchrisw started opening games with me for 2v2

He was kind enough to open single game at a time though .
I think u need about 6games to be at the present top 10. The ranking system for new players/teams is way off .
for 1v1 ranking system is good cause it needs about 40games to be in top10 (maybe it could be because of the small player pool still playing 2v2)

He is yet to play all maps in 2v2 and to learn a lot which wouldn’t have been a problem if we got here slow and steady by improving among the ranking.And now we were paired against current #7 team which we are having trouble playing with.


11th (10-1) won on Candy Core Mine against arranged masters. Enjoyable 71 turns. They we ranked at 33rd while we were last one on 37 team long Weekly Elite list 2017-09-08.

The Weekly Elite 2017-09-15 has us slowly climbing and referenced team stuck just outside top ten.
13. 1Ricky_Dee1 & Juslas (14 - 4)
33. Juslas & Lewer (10 - 1)

12th (11-1) won against arranged masters 3Cookie33 and cjcopeland. 35 intense turns on Machination. I do recommend this replay. Especially the ending and how to build defense from enemy units.

The Weekly Elite 2017-10-06 had our reference team breaking into top ten.
9. (+4) 1Ricky_Dee1 & Juslas (15 - 4) +1
28. (+5) Juslas & Lewer (11 - 1) +1

13th (12-1) won in 30 turns against arranged masters on Machination.

14th (13-1) won by scrambling defense soldier on Mechanism. This is very short game to remind that do not let scramble live at strike distance. You have to be aware about the possibility of scramble, too.

The Weekly Elite 2017-11-17
1st Lewer & rcsum (60 - 3)
3rd bawk11 & Lewer (30 - 9)
4th WojoVaults & Lewer (13 - 4)
6th G3ntleB3ast & Lewer (17 - 5)

7th 1Ricky_Dee1 & Juslas (16 - 5)
22nd Juslas & Lewer (13 - 1)

15th (14-1) won on Acrospire with ease. I had fun with Veggies. Our opponents were ranked 3 spots higher than us.
19. echoron & Taerigi (181 - 71)

Single win did little to our quest to climb The Weekly Elite 2017-12-01
9. 1Ricky_Dee1 & Juslas (16 - 6)
16. echoron & Taerigi (190 - 73)
21. Juslas & Lewer (14 - 1)

16th (15-1) won against 2v2r masters on Sugar Rock.

17th (16-1) won against 2v2a masters on Sugar Rock.

This years last one, The Weekly Elite 2017-12-29
9. ckchrisw & CH0DU (7 - 1) 5-0 was against beginners but then 6-0 and 6-1 against masters Taerigi and echoron (16th). I doubt algorithm cares about 1-1 result. But seventh win was from Lewer and G3ntleB3ast who are ranked at 6th place.
10. 1Ricky_Dee1 & Juslas (16 - 6) not playing anymore
21. Juslas & Lewer (16 - 1) it is astonishing how single lost game early on hurts you

Happy Outwitting in 2018, too.


18th (17-1) won on Candy Core Mine against 2v2r ranking list players G3ntleB3ast and DanB Utah. With elite partner play just flows nicely. With right amount of patience, 74 turns.

The Weekly Elite 2018-01-12
New entry at 17th Orion Tartan & Torbreck. (5 - 0)

The Weekly Elite 2018-01-19
New entry at 10th E6ric26 & blauentag (6 - 0)
New entry at 19th blauentag & iNoSky (5 - 0)
Drops to 20th (-3) Orion Tartan & Torbreck. (5 - 0)

The Weekly Elite 2018-01-26
Drops to 13th (-3) E6ric26 & blauentag (6 - 1) -1
Drops to 20th (-1) blauentag & iNoSky (5 - 0)
Climbs to 6th (+14) Orion Tartan & Torbreck. (6 - 0) +1

The Weekly Elite 2018-02-02
9th (-) ckchrisw & CH0DU (10 - 1) +1
10th (-4) Orion Tartan & Torbreck. (6 - 0)
13th (-) E6ric26 & blauentag (6 - 1)
Exits from 20th place blauentag & iNoSky (5 - 0)
New entry at 20th Taipan-001 & Torbreck. (5 - 0)
23th Juslas & Lewer (17 - 1)

In January 2018, five wins start placed the team at the 20th place in less than 35 teams long ranking list. New entries were placed right above me and Lewer.
And that hurts just enough to post it here.

At August, last year, I gave an advise that best tactic is just launch as many matches as possible at once, in order to get a new team to the top. And those two teams with 6-0 record did get placed at 10th place.