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Hi i’m back.

I was only here for a short while before with only 200 games under my belt. I had reached Master league in 1v1 two or three times only to get pumped back into Gifted. I was just learning and starting to get used to a lot of the 1v1 maps and just starting to get used to 2v2 maps. I had a really good partner in 2v2 that, as i thought practically bumped to into Master League. I learned quick in 2v2 its really good to back up your partner so to some extent we worked well together allowing me to stay in master league long term.

I recently changed my name to Beryl2 on forums Beryll2 in Outwitters. Originally my name was (Rone) similar to my real life name. I hope outwitters is here to stay. It seems the outwitters community might have gotten smaller. I hope Hex Gamit doesn’t obsolete Outwitters.

I must admit i don’t remember a lot of the good starting out moves to do in game. unfortunately I’m making gifted league mistakes and I really want a training buddy. I have a feeling I’ll remember the good moves to make and how to play with practice since I’ve just been away from the game for a little while.

If anyone is interested I’m I would really like a training partner. I’m also interested in playing with multiple 2v2 partners but I normally ask people to be a little more skilled in that department. I don’t just magically get partners into master league in 2v2. I would be willing to teach if partners are willing to learn but I just want to say I’m no super titan.


Just changed my Beryl2 user name to Beryll2 so its the same as game center name/outwiters name


Welcome back:)


Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello, I am new user on this site

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