New Introduction


Hi i’m back.

I was only here for a short while before with only 200 games under my belt. I had reached Master league in 1v1 two or three times only to get pumped back into Gifted. I was just learning and starting to get used to a lot of the 1v1 maps and just starting to get used to 2v2 maps. I had a really good partner in 2v2 that, as i thought practically bumped to into Master League. I learned quick in 2v2 its really good to back up your partner so to some extent we worked well together allowing me to stay in master league long term.

I recently changed my name to Beryl2 on forums Beryll2 in Outwitters. Originally my name was (Rone) similar to my real life name. I hope outwitters is here to stay. It seems the outwitters community might have gotten smaller. I hope Hex Gamit doesn’t obsolete Outwitters.

I must admit i don’t remember a lot of the good starting out moves to do in game. unfortunately I’m making gifted league mistakes and I really want a training buddy. I have a feeling I’ll remember the good moves to make and how to play with practice since I’ve just been away from the game for a little while.

If anyone is interested I’m I would really like a training partner. I’m also interested in playing with multiple 2v2 partners but I normally ask people to be a little more skilled in that department. I don’t just magically get partners into master league in 2v2. I would be willing to teach if partners are willing to learn but I just want to say I’m no super titan.


Just changed my Beryl2 user name to Beryll2 so its the same as game center name/outwiters name


Welcome back:)


Thanks :slight_smile:


If no-one offered to spar with you yet: invite me for a game and we do a few bouts


yeah I’m playing a few games with Hans, one game with Torbreck. and one games with Juslas.
I can find a comfortable situation where I collect troops and when to attack these Super Titans which I always lose the game. Luckily I played a gifted league player and i could decimate his attacking force yet he still won. Makes me think I have those skills to amass troops ready for attack but i often hesitate to attack.

Please make at least one game with me. I could use as much learning as possible. This weekend I’ll take some time to read posts I’ve been meaning too some that are heavy and ones that require me to look at multiple games on OSN specifically because i have access to a computer I can really in depth look at the games, read and write back messages.


Hiya Rone, I remember you :slight_smile:

I don’t play anymore, but just wanted to say hi :slight_smile:


Hey memories! Long time no see. Maybe I’ll see you in hex gambit. A lot of older players are making the switch maybe I might too.


Hi! I’m looking for practice games too! I don’t think we’ve met but I used to play a long time ago. Current username is KrazyForester1138, sent you a challenge :slight_smile: