Not much going on today


Anyone want me to review a match, or would anyone like to play some blitz?


Going once, going twice!!! Once in a lifetime opportunity. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I lied. I’ll always go over people’s matches and I’m always down for a game.


What about reviewing this game?


I’ll watch it after dinner, but honestly man, you are better than me haha. I’ll go ahead and review it and we can chat about it, but I won’t be able to help you if you are looking for help. Burnodrod is a beast, I’m excited to see who will win this match.


I won’t mention the name but his opponent thought he was a gifted league player and burst into laughter when he saw his name in st replays
Then I told him he was well known for his 2v2 games back in the day;he might be rusty.


Hmm if it was big boss, he was about 50/50 with burn back when he was on his other name 4-5 months ago. If it wasn’t big boss, then whoever it was who was laughing at his skill level must be an outwitters God. Must have been gk :stuck_out_tongue:

he must have just had an off game?

I’m pissed, I really thought I was going to beat burnodrod in both league games I matched against him then he turned it around and I derped and lost both.

Hans, I’ve watched the game 3 times, I really have no clue what to say about the match. I felt like you had a stronger opening, but he pulled through in the end.

The only things I could recommend are just a matter of preference. For example: I usually leave my heavy down by the base and the back alley. I find it’s super useful for defending on foundry. However, you or some others might prefer to move it up towards the opponents base while they overwhelm with a couple soldiers, sniper, heavy, and runners.

Foundry is odd to me. Sometimes I do so good, and other times I… don’t. I just played a pretty good match vs sharugames, but rcsum is currently stomping me. They are both great players, so I’m lucky to have done well in one of the two matches.

I want to watch this a couple more times then I’ll try to do a review on it :slight_smile: I need to sleep now though so I’ll have to do it in the morning :(.


Well I watched it again, I think he just always seemed to have units where he needed them. He had good positioning throughout the whole game.

He attacked when you only had 7 wits to defend with.

It seemed like a good match, not sure what you did wrong if anything. Turn 10 was a great move by him. He just happened to have the units where he needed them and he killed a lot of units.

Fun match to watch man. Well fought