OML instagram?


I just made an IG somewhat recently and was looking to see if there was an OML account to follow. There is an account with the name “onemanleftstudios” but with no content or followers. Is this you? Are you guys thinking about starting an IG? Ive only had mine for a few weeks but I think it’d be a good way to advertise new content. @onealexleft @oneadamleft


Yep it’s us! We haven’t really got it up and running just yet, but feel free to follow!


Yup I think I’m your only follower haha
Let me know if you need any help getting set up-- I’m not the greatest at social media (especially compared to my classmates) but I’ll try my best


Oh well, being second is cool too I suppose! :smiley:


A wild Harti appears.


Funny enough (and sorry for going on an off-topic ramble), I have never removed these forums from the root of my bookmarks, but ever since the forum software got changed I never knew how to stay organized and efficiently check for what I’m interested in, so it caught a bit of dust. Also haven’t touched Outwitters in years (never got used to wit for kill :joy:).

But yea, I’m still alive, and actually super stoked for Hex Gambit! (@oneadamleft I didn’t fall in love with the logo though, it seems clunky to me :sweat_smile:)