Our Console Debut


Originally published at: http://onemanleft.com/2017/06/our-console-debut/

Alex and I are extremely excited to announce that Hex Gambit will be targeting both Steam and the Nintendo Switch™ console on launch day next year. The Nintendo Switch™ is a perfect fit for our multiplayer focus, allowing you to easily gather friends around the TV for a couple of matches, or knock out a few turns while you’re out doing your thing. We can’t wait to pass some Joy-Con™ controllers around the living room and make Hex Gambit a game night staple!

The Nintendo Switch™ Edition of Hex Gambit will be included as a reward option in our Kickstarter campaign next month. Click here to sign up for an email reminder if you haven’t already.


I’m excited for you guys. Maybe I’ll have to pick up a Switch after all… if I can find one :wink:


Thanks! After E3 I read they’re expanding production, so there shouldn’t be a drought too much longer.


Huh. How are the controls going to work on the Switch?

/e: duh, for some reason I thought it only had D-Pads and not an analog stick. That works I guess, got really excited for Touch for a short moment though lol


that’s awesome guys! Being on a mainstream console like that is pretty sweet!

I am still endlessly frustrated though, that’s the only console I don’t have haha. When I say only console I prettymuch mean only console (aside from the super odd ball ones).

now there will be 2 reasons to buy a switch, zelda and hexgambit! Switch is upping their game!

I do wonder how it will work though. Sitting around the tv, wouldn’t your friends see all if your information Or is it like chess where it just doesn’t matter?


I think the idea is that everyone can see what’s going on (I think Alex or Adam talked about how they changed it)


I knew there wouldn’t be fog of war, but they could also see (possibly, no clue how the game works) amount of resources left which i guess a person could count anyway… but also cooldowns on special moves, which special moves someone opted for, or who knows what else.

I guess most of these things could be counted if there is a replay feature. Sitting around with friends playing on a couch is quite a bit different than playing online. I’m not sure how many people would bother watching replays if they had full vision and were playing with friends in the same room. Some people might be able to remember when their opponent made a certain move but I sure can’t haha.

I guess you are right though if they have full vision and know what someone can do, then there really are no secrets except the plan inside someone’s head.


Yep! Hex Gambit is designed to be like checkers or chess, full information for both players. The gameplay is less predictable than Outwitters (for reasons you’ll see in our Kickstarter), so you can still find ways to surprise your opponent without fog of war.


Wait did I just call that? :astonished:


You’re a marketing genius!


Their launch line up in the next couple months is looking great! On the topic of strategy games, if you need more fuel for the fire:



Oh nice nice!!! I only saw the few games they had for release. Zelda is an absolute masterpiece imo. The only game that will give zelda a run for its money has to be hexgambit!

The two most remembered titles on switch - that’s my prediction for the future. See if I can match Chems brilliance. I have to know what Adam and Alex were thinking when they read chems post haha :joy:. I was really thinking that you guys were going to drop the game boy color bomb on us today. :stuck_out_tongue:

I asked before but never got an answer maybe because there isn’t one yet, but do you guys think this game will be playable on middle of the line computers? I’m really hoping my laptop could run it until I have the extra cash to pick up a switch.

Are there any other games you could compare it to as far as system requirements may go?


It’s still too early on specs for HG. That said, recommended hardware as per Epic’s guidance for UE4-based games in general-

  • Windows 7/8 64-bit
  • Quad Core 2.5Ghz
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Direct X 11 compatible graphics card

Could it run on less? Possibly. The Nintendo Switch is a nice piece of kit, but it’s no beastly i7 quad core with a GTX 1080 and 32GB of RAM. We are trying to make the game pretty scalable in terms of hardware requirements.


Awesome man, I have what I need to play then. I’m back to super excited! Thanks for the info and congratulations on the console development!


Switch is definitely cheaper than that Oculus you were after.


My only question is will it be compatible with the Kickstarter rewards and if so how?

Edit: oh wait my phone plan doesn’t support hotspots… well, at least it’ll be a great friend’s couch co-op game.


Guess I’m not familiar with how the switch works, is the controller able to run content on its own and does it have a screen? Wii U controller has a screen but is useless without the Wii U.

Yeah Adam it’s definitely cheaper than the oculus, but how sweet would it be to have some oml VR one day! If outwitters was on vr, I probably would have forgot what my wife and kids looked like.


The switch has a built in screen and is portable. You plug it into a dock to play on a big screen. The controller pieces (two handhelds) can be attached or removed from the portable section.


Cool! Will it run on Steam for MacOS, too?


No, Windows only at the moment (I asked the same thing).