Outwitters 2.0


3.99 was a sales price. We kept it at that for many months.


Oh. lol, what was the occasion for the sale?


I don’t even recall anymore, it went on sale, things got busy and we simply forgot it. My guess is we were in Tilt to Live 2 land around that time.


The app crashes after 30 seconds. It’s not enough time to make all the moves. I deleted and reinstalled the app multiple times, turned off my phone, nothing works… It’s been 2 days now that it’s been like this.

If I make my moves under 30s and manage to press done, i get the turn in, but if not it crashes and I start all over again ahhhh😤

I’m about to lose a game because it takes longer to load and crashes before I even get to see the map​:weary::weary:

Anyone else having this issue?


Yukfuj, it was the same for me, but when I deleted the app and reinstalled it things got a lot better. It still crashes, but not every turn like before.


There are a number of Android emulators you can use to play Outwitters on PC. I only tried Genymotion and Bluestacks but there are also others like Andyroid.

Bluestacks is simpler to setup but in order to keep using it it will download apps every once in a while. You can delete them but it’s a little sketchy that it can just download apps whenever it feels like without notifying the user. On the other hand, it’s very stable and I haven’t had any problems with crashing or lag. It also has a nice feature where a notification bubble pops up in the bottom right when it’s your turn. I haven’t found a way to change resolution though so the graphics aren’t that sharp and you have to scroll maps like on a phone instead of having the full map.

Genymotion is harder to set up (but still not that complicated). It’s way more customizable though so I was able to set it up with ultra crisp graphics and changed the resolution so the entire map shows at once (like on iPad). It’s used by many android developers as opposed to Bluestacks which is just for playing games and uses a less “sketchy” business model. There are no ads as far as I’m aware and no downloading apps without your consent (they make money in the premium version which has useful features for developers). I would recommend Genymotion over Bluestacks without question if not for the fact that it crashes fairly often while Bluestacks never does. If you manage to get a stable setup of Genymotion though, it’s better than Bluestacks in every way except for the absence of the taskbar notifications.

Andyroid is the other main android emulator for pc which you may want to check out. I was scared away by a couple reviews though which link it to an adware company. Even though it currently has no adware as far as I’m aware, some people speculate they may retroactively introduce it once they have a larger userbase.

Outwitters for PC?




I guess this is the bug thread!

Here a number of bugs I’ve found and were able to take a snapshot of:
Can’t scroll any further than this, even though there are more stats under Season 4 (Season 4 is the last of my stats).

When you’re near the top of a leaderboard, there is a white space as seen in the screenshot below when you first open the leaderboard up. Scrolling around gets rid of white space.

Bonus wit spaces (when clicking on a link of a replay) don’t start out neutral, but instead retain the colors on which team they had belong to at the end of the match (so here I controlled three bonus wit spaces at the end of the game and the one neutral one was being contested).

There’s not enough padding on each individual game which causes chat notifications on the top game to go under the game list border. Hopefully that makes sense.

The spotlight that is missing on the runner when you open the spawn menu shows up here only when you spawn the runner. I think this is what causes the spawn menu to be a bit choppy when opening it up.

When you view a league leaderboard and go to an entirely different game layer without exiting out of the leaderboard, the leaderboard stays at the front of the screen. As you can see here I went to the game list but the leaderboard stayed.

Performance issues:
For some reason the loading spinner now pauses while loading games for a brief period of time.
Exiting and and immediately entering the game causes music to play like a broken record player (saying this again because wasn’t fixed)
When you enter Outwitters and the Profile icon changes, the icon for the league you are in no longer smoothly fades in, but choppily appears.

Phew, that was a lot. Hopefully you will be able to fix at least some of them Alex! Glad Outwitters was featured on the front page o/ the App Store!


How many GC friends do you have?


Hello all! Overall I’m really pleased that Outwitters has come to Android. With that said, I have a comment and a question.

First, the game takes a really long time, like 15 seconds to load on my Galaxy S4. The load time is also pretty long on my iPad 2. In this way it has done the opposite of improve, by a large margin. Also in general the game is kinda laggy and a bit stuttery, on both devices, which wasn’t the case before (and I feel like shouldn’t be the case ever for a game like this).

My question is, how do you do cross-platform play? I can’t see a way to do it anywhere. Or is it only for ladder games?


10 GC friends

I have usually around 30 games ongoing, but I haven’t started any this past week so I probably have 25 games currently (if that could be a reason)

Edit: I actually have 30 games ongoing

The game I still can’t get in is a long game that’s closing in on 500 turns. Before the update it took so some time to load (I had to touch the screen twice or else the screen goes black). It seems it loads twice as fast with the update but it crashes before I can make a move. Thanks @onealexleft


I get the black screen after every turn too. Have to hard-close the app. Very annoying.

Also, the news is displayed half off the screen, replays do not work at all, and the notification number says 3 when it means 1.

I’m on a 6+, iOS 8.2


We just submitted an update that’ll fix this. Keep an eye out for it on the app store this week.

Could you provide a screen shot illustrating this? The news is a scroll window so it sometimes doesn’t display everything in the feed.

Hmmm, We’ve fixed some memory issues with this update (2.0.1) that’ll be hitting soon. Let me know if it still crashes after the update.

Hi Keith! In regards to performance, given the game was re-written from scratch, it may be a few updates before we start addressing perf issues for lower end devices. As for cross-platform, it’s generally transparent. When match-making, both android and iOS users are considered. If you know the account name of someone (or have added them to your friends list), then you can create a match with them (platform is irrelevant).


Would love to, but “Sorry, new users can not upload images.”


You can post a picture now



Update has fixed the black screen.

Still have problems with replays, and scrolling the game list usually results in one of the games being opened.

Also, notification number is wrong more often than right and when creating games I am not able to select any unit other than fluffy or fishy.


It still crashes. Updated. Then reinstalled the app twice and still crashes. Not nearly as bad as before, but still frequent. Like every other game it would crash mid-turn


Today’s bugs are that it keeps telling me that it’s my turn on 2 particular games, but when I go into them it is still waiting for my opponents turn.

Also, I have a a game at the top of the list that appears to be waiting for my move, even though my turn is completed and the game list says it’s their turn.

Finally, this website login screen disappears on iOS safari. As you start entering your credentials.


Now I have 2 games stuck on “Waiting for more”, and I don’t know if the other games are being transmitted properly either.

Very few opponents seem to respond. I’ve filled up my 20 slots with new games, but nobody is taking their turn. Surely someone would take a turn, especially in newly created games (both friendly and league). Maybe my first moves are just so intimidating that they are paralysed with fear!

Still can’t select anything other than fluffy or fishy, but at least this websites login worked this time.