Outwitters Beta Sign up


Looking forward to any help we can get, thanks!

##[Android users sign up here][1]
##[iOS users sign up here][2]

###Requirements for Android:

  • Android 4.4 (kit kat) or later (this may change at a future date)
  • Google Play account and access to Google Play app store
  • email address/g+ account to receive notifications of new builds of Outwitters

###Requirements for IOS:

  • iOS 8
  • Testflight app downloaded on iDevice (link below as well)
  • an email address you can check on your device to be able to install beta versions of Outwitters.

###Things to note:

  • This will replace your current Outwitters install.

  • This will run as if it’s on production servers. So your current games will be accessible. But you will need to sign into the Gamcenter sandbox (iOS only). How to do so is simple and detailed below.

  • Expect a bumpy ride for the first few builds as this is Outwitters on a 100% different codebase.
    ###Improvements coming in this update for current users

  • The game will now auto-refresh if you receive a push notification while inside that particular game. See here for a video demo.

  • Push notifications will now send and receive much faster (already live in current version)

  • 60 frames per second.


The Road to Android
Outwitters Google Play beta is open
Bug Report Thread
Outwitters 2.0 Beta Thread




Once i upload my school stuff to my computer (such an exciting notion! :sunny:) i should be able to help!


I have some questions and ideas about the new update.

  1. Will it be possible to log in with the same account in our idevice and in our Android devices in order to play the turns where we want from? I know the store are pretty differents but I just wonder that.

  2. Is it possible to add in the 1v1 chat box something called “notes”. In 2v2 it’s ok because we can note whatever we want because we just type it in “Partnerl” and it’s private. But it might be cool to have something like that in the chatbox in 1v1 to remember whatever we want about the match. Sometimes playing 35 games at the same time and letting the turns pass like 2 or 3 days, is tough to remember.

  3. What the minimal iOS requirement for this new update will be? I wonder about because I have some friends who still have iPhones 3GS and can just get the iOS 6.2.

  4. Is it possible to deactivate the auto-save replay option for friendly matches? Sometimes players could just feel like practicing some new moves or trying something. Or we only send an invite to get in touch with a player and then give up in turn #2. So, it could be fine and enough if we could save our friendlies manually from OSN.

  5. I don’t know how possible is to make a live chat. But it must be awesome.

  6. Also, what if you guys add more languages? Maybe, Spanish. I have had to explain the rules and every stuff to some of my latin american friends because they don’t understand English that much. Spanishis the 2nd/3rd most spoken language world wide. You could be adding more in later updates like German or French too. Also, many people get bored easily when they are forced to learn any language just to play a game they would like to.

  7. What if you guys remove the sneaky icon that appears at one of the top corner when the player makes a move in the shadow. By this many players know when their opponents are short of wits or just didn’t make a move. Also, many players hust make the icon appear by tapping whatever so their opponents think they moved something else. But actually it lets them know they have meoe wits. I know it doesn’t have much to do with the client but it’s just an idea.

Well, those are my ideas so fat. Sorry if something of these have nothing to do with the client or if it was mentioned in another topic.

Thanks for keeping updating this game for us.


First of all I am incredibly stoked to see this happen. I have been a huge fan of outwitters since I discoverd it years ago.

One thing I would really like to see is more things I can give you guys money for! Modes/maps/teams and even merch.

When I saw this post, one of my thoughts was of outfitters swag ala this sites stuff : http://www.whatpumpkin.com/Senator-Lemonsnout-Plush-Doll.html

If you guys are hesitant about rolling out new features, or merch, have you thought of a kickstarter to ensure you’ll have the resources for it?

Anyway, I’m really excited about this, and I hope it spawns a resurgence in interest in outwitters. If more comes from it, I and my friends are all looking forward fo buying in!


I really wish these two in particular were going to happen, but I think Alex said it’s a straight port, so pretty much nothing new will be added.


On iOS 6


This is a straight port. We’re both excited to start working on our next game next year. We’ve mentioned it could very well be another turn-based multiplayer game, so while it might not Outwitters 2 or an Outwitters update, we think it could be end up being something current Outwitters fans would enjoy.


Ok. So be it. But, anyways… In the new client, will the players be able to log in with the same account to send the turns whether from the idevice or Android? Thanks in advance


i understand from what Alex wrote in the “Road to Android” thread that registration systems will be different between Android and iOS (well… there is no Apple Game Center in Android and we are all identified via our Game Center accounts, so this makes sense) so I would assume you won’t be able to play for the same account on iOS and Android.


Alex posted in the other thread that you will be able to log in to a single account from both an iOS and an Android device.


Ah. That’s awesome. Thanks Flarp55


Yes, just to confirm, my current plan is for nothing to change for iOS users. You install the game, login via GC, and play. In the less common event that you wish to play on both iOS and Android, you’ll be required to convert that account to a slightly different one. It’ll be the same username, but will most likely require a password and email. At which point, it’ll function the same as before, it’s just you now have an account password to keep track of in case of new devices, re-installs, etc.

So to answer your question specifically:

Yes, that is the current plan.


Not entirely sure how this is useful? Are you simply asking for some sort of ‘privacy’ setting or something? Matches, once concluded, are all publicly accessible, regardless if they are on OSN or not. OSN simply makes that process easier.


Great news to end the year :smile:

I’ll try and upgrade my old iphone and see if i can join your testing


One of the useful thing might be when someone wants to create a friendly match just to try a mock match (usually used to simulate matches specially for group-forum matches just like America vs EuroAsia Style) and they don’t want anyone to watch it (because it’s a mock). Same way with

But you’re right about the auto-save. It’s more useful to have it activated. Players just have to make mocks with the Pass and Play mode. Also, with the auto-save players are forced to have their replays made public, and that’s something many people love, including myself, because we enjoy watching all players playing


Personally I hope we get a timed league mode


I just submitted my application and got test flight. One question: my application is under my “gaming” email but my Apple ID is my “personal” email and that displays on test flight. Will that cause a problem?


I really want to keep my “personal” email private. That is the one f******l@sbcglobal. My gaming one is s****hs@gmail.