Outwitters for PC?


Is there an emulator that would allow me to play either the Ios or Android version on my Windows 7 PC?


I don’t think so, due to the way that the account system is set up. However, this would be a question for @onealexleft, or anyone else who may know.

My guess is no. I mean if you can find a very well made OS emulator (iOS or droid) that can properly be set up to save the cache files and everything else such as accounts and properly be routed to OML, then I suppose it is a possibility. But unlikely.


I can’t recall who, but someone in these forums managed to use an android simulator and run outwitters on their desktop?


But you would have to make a whole new account, right? Given that we could figure it out. No cross-platform accounts.


Maybe? I’m not sure on the details of the android simulator. Certainly if you an iOS account it’ll be different. But no idea on android/google play accounts on the simulator.


Thanks for the information. I probably won’t use it for a while, but definitely look into it when I have more time!

Hope this answers your question 3d6. You will have to do some more research online. Check the forum for the thread though.


Thanks all. I found an Android emulator, but it wouldn’t install correctly on my 6 y/o PC. I keep digging online tho.


It was @CombatEX who installed it. He provided some details at Outwitters 2.0


I installed it too, but I only realized then that I couldn’t play using my ios account. But it works, yes. I did it with Bluestacks, one of the many android emulators out there.