Outwitters iPhone alerts


Hello. Is anyone else experiencing issues on the iPhone with not receiving alerts from the outwitters app when it’s your turn? I have an iPhone X and my friend has an iPhone 8 and neither one of us receive alerts.


There are multiple issues. I still get “not my turn yet” match list. Normally notifications red circle alerts me immediately, but infrequently I see matches that I have 3d left instead of 4d. And I do launch Outwitters daily. I rarely postpone move to last day, but if I do that, I do always get the alert.
I have iPhone X and notifications work similarly as they did with iPhone 6. Until now they have stopped.


I’m not getting notifications on my iPad anymore.


No alerts for me at the moment, too.


Several weeks ago I suddenly stopped receiving alerts on my iPhone and my iPad of my Outwitters’ turns.


Apologies! Ya been in crunch mode last week so haven’t had a chance to peek in on this yet. Push notifications should be fixed now.