Outwitters map design website is gone:/


This is where you would set up and play out a game outside of outwitters.
Sad to see that it is gone:/
Thank you for making it and keeping it up as long as it did. RIP


Hah, yeah. Good times. Pulling the plug had many reasons.

First and foremost, I had it running on a hosting platform shared with many other people and always feared that I’m exceeding some quota there. I’ve been checking in regularly and deleted the “map cache images” (that were automatically created whenever someone shared their map as an image, e.g. on the forums).

Secondly, the service had originally started as a means to provide @onealexleft and @oneadamleft with ideas for future map additions. That people might make use of it as some kind of sketching board was kind of obvious, but the service simply was never designed for this particular use case. This caused people to find workarounds, i.e. fork maps like crazy, causing additional database load - again, on my shared hosting provider.

Furthermore, Outwitters development (besides compatibility and bug fixes) was discontinued in favor of Hex Gambit. Even though people still play the game, you can see that the Map Creator would certainly no longer be required - as there would never be Gen 3 maps.

I also have gradually been moving my focus from that domain/URL to another; I want to abandon it eventually. This was a required step in that regard.

As if those weren’t enough, the final bullet may have been the impending GDPR madness which I didn’t want to provide adaptions for (I set a cookie to avoid self- and double voting… that’s it, but still needs an opt-out and stuff like that), for a service that was no longer necessary, only useful to a handful of people, and came into existence back when I had no idea how to professionally nor sustainably (so that I would be able to easily make adaptions) build such a site.

Alas, I don’t see the OMC ever coming back to life, despite it containing good memories. Thanks for your understanding and the kind words though!

RIP :pray:


this sucks. I think I stopped playing this game soon when this first came out. I think i may have used it once or twice.

oh no. its gone :frowning: