Outwitters WORLD CUP #4 [Winner -PasswordisTaco-]


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Scallywags, Feedback, Veggies and Adorables…

Torbreck and awpertunity are pleased to bring to you…

The 4th Outwitters World Cup!

Finals Games are now underway…

Outwitters World Cup - Finals

Group Standings
Outwitters World Cup - Group Play

The history of this event so far:
1st World Cup was won by Alvendor (Sweden)
2nd World Cup was won by poweewee (Philippines)
3rd World Cup was won by Pharmafan (Germany)

The World Cup is the largest Outfitters Tourney and has seen some amazing play in years gone by. The names of the players that are on the list above are immortals of the game - will your name be added to that list ?

All group games must be started by Monday 17th January.

So - let’s get to the important details


As is tradition with this event there are prizes (see last world cup for the pic of pharmafan with his bounty!)

This year I’ve decided to do something a little different so that more people receive something - here goes…

  1. All players that make it to the last 16 will receive an exclusive Outfitters World Cup t-shirt that has Outfitters artwork designed by a member of the forum (see below) and also the names of the final 16 players on the back.

  2. All players that make it to the final 8 will also have their t-shirt personalised with their name on the back. (like a playing shirt for football)

  3. The final 4 players will also have their result added (e.g. pharmafan Winner) In addition the winner will also receive a $50 USD Apple gift card and the runner up a $25 card. (this was much cooler last year when 1 AUD = 1 USD!!! we’re down to 70c now!!! lol)

T-shirt Design

I know that there are a lot of great fan-art designers out there (I’m not one of them) so a little side competition…if someone would like to come up with an appropriate design that can be printed on to the front of the t-shirt I will select the best one and the person that designed it will also receive their own t-shirt as a thanks (we may put the designs to a public vote to select the winner). The design will need to be of sufficient graphics quality to be printed but other than that I’ve no pre-conceived ideas about what it should look like (other than I want to see a scrambler in there somewhere!).

Anyone wanting to submit a design should do so by posting them in a separate thread - (which I’ll create shortly).

And before anyone asks - no - you cannot offer to buy one — they are not for sale. The only way that you can get one is be making the final 16 and you will win one.

Important disclaimer - this competition and the prizes are NOT sponsored by One Man Left and as such they are in no way responsible for the prizes or outcome of the competition.

The Competition.

(same as last time)
The World Cup competition is open to all players of any level.

The format of the competition is designed such that you will need to have expertise with more than one race, however you will not necessarily have to play equally with every race.

Play will begin with a group/pool stage that will see the top 2 players from each group progressing to the elimination rounds.
The number and size of the groups will depend largely on the number of signups. Last time we had 96 competitors in 16 groups. If we have the same number of people this time - great, otherwise 8 groups is more likely. Following the groups stage there will be a best-of-3 finals through to the grand final which will be a best-of-5.


The Second Generation Maps and the Uber pack are required to participate.

All players must be signed up to Tournament Mode and may not make any adjustments to this for any reason for the duration of the tournament.

. Group/pools will be seeded based on

  1. Weekly Elite ranking
  2. Your tier (e.g. Masters / Gifted etc), and division ranking (e.g. #1) as at the date that signups close. Players with the same ranking and tier - the first signup will be ranked higher.

Group Matches

Each player will play the other players in the group twice (Once each as P1 and P2). Maps will be assigned.
A MATCH is a pair of 2 GAMES against the same player.
A WIN means you beat the same opponent twice, a draw **means you won one but lost the other, and a **loss means you lost both games against the same opponent.

PF - Points For (Base damage done to opponents)
PA - Points Against (Base damage taken from opponents)
+/- - Point Differential (PF minus PA)
PTS - Points (A Win is worth 2 PTS, a Draw is worth 1 PTS, and a Loss is 0 PTS.)
Note that a win by wiping out the opponent’s units and blocking spawns will count as 5 PF (same as destroying their base)
The top 2 players of each group will advance to the single-elimination tournament. Ranking among each group is determined by (in order):

  1. PTS
  2. Head-to-head +/-
  3. +/-
  4. Neustadtl score

Race Restriction - you may not use the same race more than 3 times in the pool matches.

All group games must be started by Monday 17th January. Any game not started by this date will be considered a forfeit.

Elimination Rounds

The top 2 contestants from each group will then face off in a series of best-of-3 Elimination Rounds. The position in which a player finishes in the Group matches will determine who they play
Two games will be played on one map (each player as P1) and the third game will be played on a different map. The choice of P1/P2 in the 3rd game will be decided by this set of criteria (based on the previous 3-game elimination finalset): The player that

  1. Wins 3 from 3 or;
  2. Finishes with the highest +/- Point Differential or;
  3. Has the lowest amount of turns in any one game to achieve a win or;
  4. Is the higher seed.
    In the first round it will be the player that finished at the top of their group.
    The player that has the right to chose P1/P2 in the 3rd game will be made clear as each Elimination Final match is announced.
    There is no loser’s bracket / no redemption island! Once you lose a best-of-three Elimination Final set then that is it
    The 2 winners of the Semi Final will proceed to the Grand Final - the loses will play for 3/4

Race Restriction - you must use a different race in for each game in each set of 3 Elimination Final matches.

Grand Final

The grand final will be played out as a best of 5 with the eventual winner crowned and duly rewarded There will be 2 games on 2 maps (each player as P1 / P2) and then the 5th match - if required - will be played on a 3rd map with P1 determined as per the Elimination Finals.
3rd Place and 4th place (the losers of the Semi Final) will duke it out similarly over 5 games for the 3rd place reward.
Race Restriction - you may not use the same race more than 2 times in the Grand Final games.

The 3 Elimination Final games must be started within 7 days of both competitors of that set being determined and published on the forum.

Choosing the wrong race

If you accidentally choose the wrong race in a game as P1 then, before making your second move you may resign and restart. If you move any pieces in your second move then the game is considered live.

If you chose the wrong race as P2 then before making any moves in your first turn you may restart ONLY If YOUR OPPONENT CONSENTS. If you move any pieces or your opponent does not consent then the game is considered live.
0.5 points will be deducted for race violation.

Game Restarts

For the avoidance of any doubt restarts or rematches will not be granted to players for any reason - even if it was not your fault (e.g. lost phone - bugs etc) It may sound harsh but there is no wriggle room in this to keep things fair.

Timeouts/Absent/Missing players If for any reason a player times out or fails to start in 50% or more of their group games then all games will be considered an 0-5 loss regardless of any results that may already have been posted. If it is less than 50% then only those that remain will count as losses.
If a player does not show for an Elimination Final match then they will be replaced by either the loser of their previous Elimination Final they were in or the next person from their group.


Conduct by any players that is considered (in the unanimous decision of the organisers) to be contrary to the competition and the game including cheating etc. will be expunged from, or denied entry to the competition.

To Signup

To sign up for this tournament please reply to this post with the following 3 things.

  1. GCID
  2. Country you will be representing
  3. Link to your profile on OSN (go to http://osn.codepenguin.com/players and type in your name then copy the URL) this will be used to determine ranking/seeding


  1. GCID: Torbreck.
  2. Country: New Zealand
  3. OSN Profile: http://osn.codepenguin.com/players/view/2196

Players will be accepted in the order they sign up - registrations will be limited to multiples of 8 (min 32 required for the tourney to go ahead - max 96).

Lastly, and above all - have fun! and good luck!!!


@Torbreck, you are both awesome, and you suck simultaneously!

I can’t not participate in this with OW swag up for grabs. So here goes, once more into the breach.

  1. GCID: The Great Habudabi
  2. Country: Canada
  3. OSN Profile

Outwitters WORLD CUP T-Shirt Designs
  1. GCID AlliDooisRush
  2. USA
  3. http://osn.codepenguin.com/players/view/34915

  1. Gcid: Phants
  2. Country: Scotland
  3. http://osn.codepenguin.com/players/view/78246


I actually don’t own 2Gen maps, but I don’t think I will get far enough for it to be an issue.

  1. LegacyofEight
  2. USA
  3. http://osn.codepenguin.com/players/view/40081

  1. GCID : big boss
  2. Country : India
  3. Osn profile : http://osn.codepenguin.com/players/view/158300

  1. Cmss220
  2. USA
  3. http://osn.codepenguin.com/players/view/134561

  1. GCID: Torbreck.
  2. Country: New Zealand
  3. OSN Profile: http://osn.codepenguin.com/players/view/21961


  1. GCID: =) Random Task (=
  2. Country: Austria
  3. OSN Profile: http://osn.codepenguin.com/players/view/1129






United States of America




GCID: game_taker
Country Canada





  1. GCID: Brainbeats
  2. Country: Indonesia
  3. OSN Profile: http://osn.codepenguin.com/players/view/161299


GCID: collinj14
Country: USA
OSN Profile: http://osn.codepenguin.com/players/view/33742

Better brush up my play a little bit