Outwitters WORLD CUP #4 [Winner -PasswordisTaco-]



Victory 5-0

Qualifying me for the t-shirt :slight_smile:


5-5 forfeit with a turn to go
5-5 time out

GG everyone and sorry for the slow games, I just haven’t been playing this game that much lately


Hi all - sheets and standings have been updated.

Congratulations and thank you to all the players that have been competing in this tournament so far. Some great spirited competition with some nice play all over.

We’re starting to close in on the end of the group stage and the top 2 players in 5 of the 8 groups have been decided (although in Group D the order is still be be determined) That leaves three groups to go…


My last game of the tourney.
Base 5

Thanks so much for organizing, fun as always!
Good luck to everyone advancing!


After a tough match the mighty All Blacks finally manage to cross the line against the Scots




Scotland bounce back from a tough loss to the All Blacks with a morale boosting win over Poland.

@sdmario resigned with spawn space occupied and no offensive units, base health 5 each.

The group win still mathematically possible… But highly unlikely given the state of the game!

Gg @sdmario


I am very impressed with your games Phants! Not surprised though after our encounter in the OW World Domination Tourney!



Base health 3


Yeah he is a beast no doubt.


@big_boss @Mari_BK - thanks guys…but shh…don’t tell everyone! I don’t want to lose the element of surprise against my next opponent! :wink:


Honestly, everyone who is advancing in this tournament deserves it. You all are great players, and have played some great games to qualify for the next round. I look forward to watching some of the games in the future.



Wakenator 5 - 0


GG Phants



Gg @Torbreck thanks for the game and thanks for organising a great tournament.

Thanks to all my group opponents, I’ve enjoyed playing you all - but I’m looking forward to a week or so off until I stop seeing hexagons in my sleep!



Group G 5-0





Base health 2


Base health 5


These last few groups are such tight races…


Group C = is what in football would be called the group of death :slightly_smiling:good luck to all contenders