Outwitters WORLD CUP #4 [Winner -PasswordisTaco-]




Base health 5


Tnx man. Some bizar games I would say…



Base = 4


Standings updated - some very tense games in progress in groups C and E - will likely come down to just one good/bad move in one game!


I shall advance to next round I guess


Yes - that would be correct… Getting close now to the next round. For those that are interested Glitch will be served up as the map for the round of 16…



He timed out I think. Base 5


Dear all,

First of all excuse me that the games in our poule are taking a long time. The games are really tight and therefore we need to think about our mover Ler4t style I guess ;). Let me give a slight insight in the two games I am playing.

Our matchup on reaper is obviously an adorables encounter. After building our armies I underestimated Zukosu and fell into a mobi sniper trap. This has given Zukosu a big advantage. The game is still played on every place of the map so a lot is happening.

After kicking my ass the first game I decided to play a controlling style with feedback. Taco has the more controlling race however in scallies. So I have to pressure enough otherwise he will be able to turtle. After 16 moves I thought I was in control. From that moment on Taco (as he tends to do ;)) played a surprise attack. All my positioned offensive soldiers were called back to base. I barely survived and started own offenses again. Taco took my ? on the far end of the map. So he as Zukosu also has an advantage.

It seems I will have a hard time surviving… Hope you all have a little more patience, cheers


Thanks for the update - good luck!


Looking forward to watching these games!



I may have an advantage but you certainly aren’t making things easy!

Since Mari has provided updates on the other 2 games I’ll take a moment to talk about the third.

After an action packed first game on Long Nine (taco as Scallywags and I as Adorables) we reversed roles. In the current match I am Scallywags and taco is Adorables. In this game I had planned to build up an army of 4 hp soldiers and then strike the vulnerable side once taco revealed a mobi. However taco didn’t give me much time to build up my forces and surprised me with a much quicker mobi offensive than expected. He managed to lock down my top wit space for a few turns. After taking out his mobi I had a brief chance to recoup and reclaimed my wit space. However taco didn’t let me relax for long and has resumed the pressure.


Have you still got the other game going against him where you are P2 ?


I don’t think he ever sent me a game request…

Neither has NDRDOG…

And I think both rcsum and I are just waiting on invitations from each other as both matches are crucial😅


ok… can you and @Rcsum please start your games asap


Seriously? Will everyone now has to wait for games that should have started almost 2 months ago to be completed?


Yeah - not too happy about that either - have taken some time to think and there are 2 options.

My first reaction was to record this as one win each -that essentially grants @Rcsum a pass to the next round and had group C finished then this would be the case.

However because group C is still in progress these 2 games are not yet the single bottleneck so if both of you start the games and play quickly then the results can stand.

I can see both of you have something to play for.

If @Rcsum wins both games then he will top the group and potentially get an ‘easier’ match up n the next round
@Yukfuj5 obviously needs to win both games to advance.

So - here is your choice. If you both agree to play both games then you will need to do so with the added restriction that if your game ever goes to ‘You Forfeit in 3d’ then your opponent can claim victory by posting a screen shot. I know this will be tough and will require a blitz style of play, but that is the only option available now in fairness to all others that are waiting. If both of you agree then please post back here to confirm acceptance, otherwise you will receive 1 win each.



I started all my games early on and had several time out. I was tired of starting matches and getting no response. After Yukfuj5 was added to the pool I assumed he would initiate all his matches if he was serious about playing, especially since he was added so late. I never received an invite and haven’t been following the forum for a while. All that being said, I’ll start the match if that is the route we want to go.


I will sent an invite here shortly. Sorry about that, I didn’t know games were supposed to be started two months ago. I don’t think I read that part

*Sent P1 invite


Calabster wins
Base health 5