Outwitters WORLD CUP #4 [Winner -PasswordisTaco-]


Thanks Torbreck for organizing this tournament. All the games I played are tense and very close, and I have been very lucky. Look forward to the elimination rounds.


No problem. We can just play fast. Good luck.


Thanks guys - good luck both !


Thanks guys, except for holidays or illness, nobody should need more than 24h to “think” about a move. This will allow the next round to start before end of march hopefully.



Game 1 is in the books. Game 2 is close.



And here is game 2.


That was fast :slight_smile:


Thanks for the games all. Didn’t play too smart against rcsum. Thanks Torbeck for adding me last min, it was fun. Good luck to everybody else in the still tourney. Until next year. Cheers


Thanks @Rcsum and @Yukfuj5 - well done on getting those games completed quickly ! Congrats to RCsum for taking out top spot in group E and thank you to yukfuj5 for jumping in late to make up the numbers in the group.

So now we just have one group remaining - group C - I’m assuming that they can’t be far away from finishing so I think in the interests of keeping things moving for everyone I will go ahead and create the match ups and assign maps for the next stage of the tourney with the plan of publishing them over the weekend so games can begin sometime next week.



GG Zukosu


OK - the time has come to move on to the nest stage of the tournament.

I would first like to thank all competitors for joining in to continuing to make this a exciting and diverse tournament with players for all Tiers o’ Skill - and all corners of the world. There have also been some interesting upsets and the final 16 is never the way you might pick it at the beginning.

14 of the 16 players have battled hard and made their way to the tops of their groups to not only secure a highly coveted World Cup t-shirt, but also have the opportunity to move forward into the finals.

Congratulations to
@big_boss (India)
@GendryStorm (Philippines)
@TheGreatHabudabi (Canada)
@mr_13en (Mexico)
@Rcsum (USA)
@collinj14 (USA)
@Uyduruk (Turkey)
@Sharugames (Netherlands)
@Calabster (USA)
@amoffett11 (Canada)
@game_taker (Canada)
@Phants (Scotland)
@50_is_cuten_20_here (Hong Kong)

And also provisionally to the Group C warriors
@Mari_BK (Netherlands)
@ggggggggkkkkkk (USA)
@Coumadin (Hong Kong)

Although there are still 2 key games going on in Group C that will ultimately decide who will progress from that group it seems to make sense for the finals to begin now and hopefully the games can catch up soon.

So with that in mind the Finals have officially begun!

I have now posted the maps and matches for the finals rounds.

Outwitters World Cup Finals

For transparency the match ups were created in the same way as the last world cup and the maps are also similar. Players that were in the same group will not play each other again unless in the grand final.

Just to recap on the rules for this stage of the competition. There are 2 games on the first map (one each as P1) and then if required a 3rd tie-breaker game on the second map. (listed in brackets). For the tie breaker game the person shown with the * next to their name may chose P1 or P2.

You must use a different race for each of the three games.

Good luck to all competitors - please go ahead and start your games now.


@TheGreatHabudabi, mind if we wait till April 1 to start our matches? I’ll be traveling till then with no guarantee of cell or Wi-Fi service.


Not to get too ahead of myself, but the brackets indicate Amoffett and I will play against each other in next round should we win our RO16 games. We were in the same group in round robin, so this conflicts with “Players that were in the same group will not play each other again unless in the grand final”. Not that it’s an issue, but wanted to point out.


Aggghh - I may have made an error then. - hold on for a bit while I check where I’ve gone wrong


OK - yeah - my bad I had @amoffett11 and @mr_13en on the wrong sides of the draw.

You know that thing where you spend hours writing it all out and checking it and 100% sure you have it right … then when it comes to putting it together it’s not… anyway I’ve corrected it and all should be right now. (let me know if it is not!!!)

(@TheGreatHabudabi @Calabster please note change to opponents from what was initially published a few hours back)

Apologies to you four - hopefully no-one in the affected match-ups had started games. As a result we now have an all Canadian battle between TGH and amofett11

Good luck all.


Thanks @Torbreck, my last several encounters with @TheGreatHabudabi on the playing field haven’t gone my way, so no complaints from me! … So @Calabster, mind if we wait till April 1 to start our matches?


No problem @mr_13en. We can play all three matches simultaneously to avoid further delays.





Funny how you guys played identical moves through the first 10 turns


LOL - I was thinking the same!

So it is all down to the final game now in Group C (F v S on Foundry). Obviously Mari BK needs to win this one to advance, that’s a given, but it will then come down to the final base points to work out which of the top three will go through !