Outwitters WORLD CUP #4 [Winner -PasswordisTaco-]


Taco has bested me. THank you for this great tournament it was amazing!


and here it is…

Great game Mari BK very tough battle from start to finish


Epic match, fitting end to the group stages and a very tough group!


GG all! That was indeed a fitting match to end the group stage with!


Indeed a great finish to the group stages - epic to the end.

Thank you @Mari_BK for putting on a great show and congratulations to -PasswordidTaco ( @ggggggggkkkkkk ) and Zukosu ( @Coumadin ) - you both move on and your opponents await ! I’ve updated the finals sheet accordingly. Take a day or two to catch your breath and then get started when you can - the games don’t get any easier from here (not that they were ever easy in Group C!! )

Good luck!

Also a note to all 16 finalists - now that the names have been finalised I’ll be starting to get t-shirts organised so expect a PM on this in due course.



@Torbreck, where are the asterisks to indicate who gets to choose player position for tie breaker match? Or you can just tell me who gets the preference between me and @Calabster. Thx!


Lol - I forgot to add them (have done now) for the first round it’s straight forward - the player that topped their group gets choice of p1/p2 (so @Calabster in your matchup). Next round will depend on results from this round so may not be so obvious.



Tiebreak victory but the other matches are stressfull and open


Our hard fought Glitch games with Sharugames are over, and I was fortune enough to win both. I added some commentary as I felt the games deserved a few words:

In the first one, at the start I seized the unit advantage with a scrambler attacked that cost way too many wits. This allowed Sharu to land one of these juicy bombs that you end up with additional wits. It’s very difficult to recover from such a blow, but Sharu maybe left one too many units in range too quickly, and I was able to mount an all-in attack from a defensive position. I think the starting soldier that remained idle up to that moment surprised Sharu and it was that soldier that raced through the backdoor at the end. Had he played safe for a few turns after the bomb, I think the game was easily his, as my army was in shatters and the numerical advantage of units in such shape wouldn’t have had meant much when the field got crowded\ especially with one or more bombshells in place… For my part, I was very lousy at the beginning and probably deserved to lose, but investing on the sniper was the right decision, as it not only kept the shell away from the 3rd row, but was also able to ride home the army for victory.


In the second, Sharu launched an early scrambler attack, more effective than mine in the other game, but I was still ready for it, and seized the control of the center. I built a couple of runners not to fall for any lurking scrambles, and also to save some wits for the shell. I was looking at 3rd row right for the shell, but when it was safe, I put it in the centre. I was a bit concerned with a possible play with the scramble on his turn, but when he moved his units out of shell’s range instead, it was a relief. A shell on the 3rd needs to be repelled or better killed or even better scrambled asap, otherwise it suffocates you when it settles. I was in total control once being able to hang on there. Sharu still put on a fight and tried a few things, but with the tie at balance at 1-1, I was very cautious and moved my shell to a safer spot, was strong at the weak side, and at the end the bombshell on 3rd row with a strong backup was too much to overcome.


Thanks a lot @Sharugames or these amazing games. They don’t come more intense than these. Great fun. And congrats on taking the tiebreaker game :slight_smile: I was foolish to fall for that trick, but you bullied me into submission early in the game really well.


Thanks @Uyduruk and @Sharugames - great games and for the commentary also. Always interesting to hear about some of the thought process that goes behinds the moves.




Got lucky on turn 6/7 being able to pick off the free runner @collinj14 couldn’t see the bs and guessed it may have been a soldier. Converted the resulting unit advantage into picking off the bs on turn 13.


Yeah, once I placed the runner there I immediately regretted that decision. I should have placed the runner one space back.


Or you could’ve just used it to kill the soldier :wink: Great start, but you let him back into it with that move on turn 6.

I’m rooting for you in the other game, still mad at @Torbreck for kicking my ass in the ST bowl…and our last league match.


Haha, I guess I could have. Did not even consider that… :confused: ill have to play this next one smarter



Gg @game_taker

Scotland take the opener ‘against the head’ as P2 vs Canada.

Still all to play for in the other 2 games.


All 3 of TGH and I’s games are started and are 12-14 turns in.


@amoffett11 you must have read my mind !! - just wanted to check on everyones progress - all games should be well and truly started by now. If you havent already can you please post here to confirm I’ll updated the sheets a bit later on today with progress so far.



Actually i was under the impression that we should start the long nine game if necessary.Though i think our games on glitch will end 1-1.So should we start the 3rd game as well?


Yes - if you think they are going 1-1 then start the game


All three of our games are underway.