Outwitters WORLD CUP #4 [Winner -PasswordisTaco-]


Third game invite sent.



Game 1 complete. Good game @amoffett11.


Fun game - love to see Bombshels moved around like that !


If @TheGreatHabudabi is playing as scallies those bses are going to move a lot that’s for sure. :wink:


Of course! Continually uprooting and moving Bombshells around is SUPER wit efficient donchaknow? If @amoffett11 hadn’t forfeited I was considering going for a spawn squat victory using my Bombshell. Lol



Scotland join Turkey in the 1/4 finals with a home win in game 2 on Glitch. There will be dancing in the streets of Aberdeen tonight!

3rd game on long 9 ongoing, but the result now academic.

Gg @game_taker


Congrats phants and thank you to game_taker.


Gg phants,

1st game you had a good defence and then didn’t hesitate to attack as soon as mine failed.

2nd game in hindishgt bramble was a bad idea >.<



Game 3 is in the books. Game 2 will be finished very soon as well. Good games @amoffett11.



And here’s game 2. I wanted to pick Veggienauts for this game so bad, but figured I’d end up embarrassing myself if I did.



Game 3 to Scotland with a soldier attack + mobi snipe up the middle bringing the game to a premature end.

Gg @game_taker thanks for the games


Congrats TGH - moving on with a 3-0 victory. Thank you @amoffett11 and stand by for your t-shirt!


This is our first completed game.


2nd game finished.

GG @collinj14. - I think you are going to win the third one



Having problems with gamecenter again. May have to autoforfeit if things don’t improve. Gamecenter just stops loading every few days and I have to pray it works again before my time limit is up.




Game 3


Good games @Torbreck , congrats and good luck the rest of the way! Thank you for hosting such a great tournament! :slight_smile:


Have updated the sheet with the latest results - 4 out of 8 quarter finalists decided - how are the other games coming along ?


Pretty slow, but they’re going…