Outwitters WORLD CUP #4 [Winner -PasswordisTaco-]


Ooooooh awesome to see this still going on. Looks like you’re doing a great job Torbreck I’m sorry I disappeared on you!


Our games are all in the middle stages. I’ll try to pick up the pace but we live 12 timezones apart so we’re almost never playing at the same time.


Was very lucky to win this one after i miscounted the wits on turn 17 due to miscalculation done by GS as well.
Also our 3rd is game is going pretty slow gendry is playing super defensive and has 2 bses setup so it is going to be very tough going ahead in that game.


Nice double mobi + sniper finish though!



Very tight all the way through, and I lucked out in the end. Our 3rd game is at turn 59. Do we have to play it out?


I’m pretty sure the answer is no, but I don’t mind playing it out, up to you though.


If you win 3-0 then that may give you the P1 advantage in the next round so it’s worth playing it out.


Status report? How are the remaining matches going?


Hey all - lets see if we can push the pace of the games along a little.

@Rcsum and @Coumadin , @ggggggggkkkkkk and @50_is_cuten_20_here how are you guys travelling ?

Also @Calabster and @Uyduruk you two may go ahead and start the first 2 of your matches on Sweetie Plains. Then you can either decided between yourselves who is P1 on the 3rd match on SFI, or wait until the outcome of final game between Calabster and mr_13en - if Calabster wins then he is P1.


Wow, Torbreck! It’s great you still run these, it’s fun to see some of these games on OSN!


Our games are are up to turns 36, 43, and 48. The slow pace is my fault, been really busy the last few weeks and then I was in Vegas, but I just got back and I promise to play by Blitz King rules for the rest of these games. At least one of them is getting close to the end.



Our games have been slow defensive battles. Unfortunately Zukosu timed out on this one. He will likely win the second game. Game three is underway.


U.S.A. advances to quarterfinal with a 2-1 win over Hong Kong


As always, GG’s Terence


I will be back


Congratulations PiT! you move on to the next round where @Phants has been quietly waiting for you and sharpening his sword / wits.

You 2 can go ahead and start your games now - Scotland vs USA. - Phants will have the choice of P1/P2 in the 3rd match.

Thank you @50_is_cuten_20_here for the games and see you again.




Some great games. Unfortunately they were all cut short due to Zukosu’s travel demands.


@big_boss @GendryStorm

Are you guys ever going to finish your 3rd game? Not that I don’t enjoy the time off. It’s delaying the inevitable burnout that I suffer as I advance further into a tournament.


You would have to enjoy the time off for some more time we are at turn 63 and the position is fairly equal with him having 3 bombshells and me having an aggressive scrambler.I will try n attack soon but GS is taking his most of the turns on day 4 so that is slowing down things a bit.


Thanks Torbreck for holding this wonderful tournament. I will seat and watch those exciting matches at the back :slight_smile:


Finally won the last game after a tough battle.
Get ready @TheGreatHabudabi to face me :wink:
Also @Torbreck please tell who can choose to be p1/p2 for the 3rd game.