Outwitters WORLD CUP #4 [Winner -PasswordisTaco-]


I get the choice for game 3. I had a 3-0 record vs your 2-1. You’ll have to wait until this weekend at the earliest for any games to start. I’m away from home and on night shift, so no way am I starting games just yet.


Congratulations @big_boss and also to @Rcsum for moving to the quarter finals. As Big Boss said that now officially wraps up the round of sixteen albeit that @Calabster and @mr_13en still have one game to go.

Thank you @GendryStorm and @Coumadin for participating.

Now that round of 16 has finished I will arrange the 8 t-shirts for those that are leaving at this point.

For the 8 players left - good luck to all of you and keep us all posted with progress of the games - please get them all underway as soon as possible. I’ve updated the sheet to indicate who has the game three choice of P1/P2.
(rcsum in our match we both won 3-0 and both +/- were the same but I had a game that was completed in 11 moves vs your 14)


Ok ready when you are


Finally got round to watching this one - epic. Gg @big_boss and @GendryStorm


@TheGreatHabudabi when do you plan on playing those games.You timed out on my invite.



@ggggggggkkkkkk with an own goal for the USA timing out from a strong position in game 1. A glimmer of hope for the Scottish underdog, but it would be a brave (or foolish?) Outwitter that bets against -PasswordisTaco-

Both other games in progress.


Sorry. I must have the wrong GameCentre ID logged in. I received no notification of the invite. I’ll try and muster the will to fire off the games tonight and will accept the next game you send my way. :slight_smile:


Congrats to the 8 remaining players but i got what i came for :slight_smile:


104 turns is the longest game I have ever played. This round took a lot out of me. Tipping my hat to mr_13en. Good games…


Likewise @Calabster


What’s up with the links? They don’t seem to be working like they used to.


It had something to do with the OSN transfer, I think

EDIT: I checked some of the working links, and maybe the suffix has something to do with it


That link you guys posted looks like the regular link you get from copying the game off the app. Maybe after the transfer only links taken from osn will work?


GG rcsum



GG @Rcsum



Testing these broken links. It would be lovely if someone with coding skills address this issue.

Link works. But old graphics are missing.


This post use to have nice graphics.


And final game


Thanks @Rcsum


USA survives early setback and rallies for a 2-1 win against Scotland



GG’s @Phants


Thanks @ggggggggkkkkkk all gg’s and the best player won. Good luck in the remaining rounds.

As I, (and Scotland), bow out of the tournament thanks to @Torbreck for organising, it’s been great, and thanks to all my opponents over the past 7 (!) months.

It’s been great to play so many consistently friendly people on a range of maps and get a chance to play a few people whose replays I’ve been learning the game from! Thanks all.

I got much further than I’d ever hoped so no regrets at going out at this stage. I’ll be watching the last 6 players with interest and hopefully picking up tips for next time.



Congratulations @ggggggggkkkkkk and thank you @Phants for being part of the tournament - especially for your input and commentary along the way!

We now have 2 of the 4 semi-finalists decided…