Outwitters WORLD CUP #4 [Winner -PasswordisTaco-]




We are tied after 2 games. The 3rd game is ongoing.


Two very good games. Looking forward to the SFI shootout


Ok - so the first 8 people should have received their tshirts by now - hope you like them, just a bit of fun really :slight_smile: For out there is a lot of paperwork needed just to ship something so simple!!

Next 8 with gamer names on them will be sent shortly.

In the meantime - how are the games going - been very quiet ?



Our 2 Sweetie Plains games are ongoing. I haven’t started the 3rd game cause quite honestly, I’m hoping to not have to play it, and if we do need to play it, it can be banged out real fast, counter to Sweetie Plains style.


Our third game is at turn 28. Both use feedback.


@Torbreck would you be able to post a picture of a shirt? I’m curious how they turned out :slight_smile:


Yep- when the next batch with the names arrives.



Good game @big_boss

Now let’s see if I can win the other Sweetie Plains game as well and avoid an SFI showdown.

For those who watch the game, turn 37 is the defining moment of the game. I set a trap and he fell for it. :slight_smile:


@Torbreck, are you ready? :imp:


Congrats! I’m sharpening my wits as we speak.


Am 99% sure we wont be playing the third game :wink:


So was I after I made that last move. :slight_smile:


@Torbreck, I’m lazy and don’t want to work it out for myself. Who would take the higher seed between you and I if I were to take 3/3 games in this round? If the answer is you, then I have no intention of playing the 3rd game against big_boss.

PS - Can you update the spreadsheet to reflect games completed to this point?


Have updated the sheet to date

These are the tie breaker rules if we both finish 3-0

  1. Finishes with the highest +/- Point Differential or;
  2. Has the lowest amount of turns in any one game to achieve a win or;

So looking at my games , I didn’t take any base damage and my best win was 9 turns so… that means if you were to take 1 point of damage in any game, or you were to take more than 9 turns to win then I would get the pick in the next round.

Of course you still have to win game 2 yet :slight_smile:


Wow guys speed it up or this worldcup will have taken more than a year :slight_smile: and the cup 5 is about to start soon. T-shirt is fabulous Torbreck thanks a million for making them and i’ll proudly post a picture latter.


I guess there is no need for the 3rd game torbreck will take the higher seed that i can guarantee a 101% :wink:



Good games @big_boss.

@Torbreck, no way would he let me take him in 9 moves on SFI so no point in the 3rd game. Now I need to gather all my wits and put an end to your current undefeated record in the tournament thus far. 16-0 is very impressive.


Good game. @TheGreatHabudabi take a bow for turn #38 !!


I think you meant 48 :wink:


Oops - yes #48

looks for edit button and hopes no one else has noticed