Outwitters WORLD CUP #4 [Winner -PasswordisTaco-]


Congrats TGH and thanks to Big Boss a couple of epic games as you would expect at this end of the competition.

TGH - I’ll send through the first game this weekend …


Finally picked up my shirt from my parents place. Love it. Big thanks @Torbreck!

@Memories, here’s a pic, not sure if you’ve seen them yet. Nothing on the back, well not on mine anyway, wish I woulda made it at least one more round :pensive:



Hadn’t seen it yet - thanks! Thanks to OML for the assets that allowed me to throw it together, hah.


Next batch has just arrived (with the names on the back) will send out tomorrow so expect them in next 1-2 weeks , depending on when the next boat leaves down under :wink:


Thus endeth the great @Torbreck’s unbeaten streak in this tournament.


And in the most spectacular, hard fought game in the history of Outwitters. It truly must be seen to be believed. :wink:

P.S. - I’m sure karma will get me for this one.


Not the epic I was expecting! Gg


Wow. Reminds me of this: https://youtu.be/qnH5BGfrV7o


Oh man I remember that 5 turn cheese from a while back lol


Lol wasn’t expecting that gg


That makes 2 of us


Feeling somewhat stupid having perhaps pioneered that cheese move against @Mag_cGuy only to be undone by it years later … oh well :wink:


Wtf was that!!! I still can’t believe that this is how TGH won the game :astonished:


Dang the replay id for the old replay of this feat. Torbreck and Mag!cGuy isn’t valid…



Game 2 done - GG - TGH getting caught going for an early mobi. Game 3 is looking like a fb v fb bout which always ends in a scramble chain reaction on Sweet Tooth. Also one of TGHs best maps I think so feeling a little nervous right now…


You know what sucks (for me)? I had a gut feeling that I could have proceeded on turn 8 with my plan just appended for victory on turn 10, and I didn’t run with it cause I was being impatient and didn’t want to wait till I had time to analyze the board. If I had jumped my 3HP Soldier, killed your Runner, then jumped in with my 4HP Soldier and struck your base, then spawned a Runner and killed your Runner on my wit, then moved my Mobi to the top middle hex (where the Sniper would go for the win on the following turn), I don’t see how you could have stopped me from winning. :sob:


TGH yup that wud have been the winning move torbreck had 7wits on him on turn 9 most of us do loose patience in outwitters

Gg guys :slight_smile:


I think unconciously you just wanted to play FvF on Sweet Tooth :wink:


Hey @Calabster, @Uyduruk - any update from you guys on your game - must be epic!


We are at turn 50.


It’s a long battle. In the end, Uyduruk00 got very busy and could not find time to complete turn 50.

The action started at turn 28. After turn 28, I thought I was going to lose, but it turned out to be very tight all the way through. Good game, Uyduruk00!