Outwitters WORLD CUP #4 [Winner -PasswordisTaco-]


Thanks! Good to see you’re still around =)


Go @ggggggggkkkkkk! You got this :wink:


I gotta cheer for my old team mate, Torbreck!


Hi everyone - after over a year of competition featuring some of the legends of the game it is with great pleasure I announcethe 4th Outwitters World Cup champion.

Representing the USA


While I thought I may have been able to perhaps steal a win from him in one of the five games, PiT turned it up a gear for the finals and showed why he is the worthy winner taking the Match in straight sets 3-0 and with Veges no less.

PiT now joins the other immortals of the game

Alvendor (Sweden)
poweewee (Philippines)
Pharmafan (Germany)
-PasswordisTaco- (USA)

Congratulations mate - well done and thank you again to all those that competed. PiT has elected to donate his prize money to the Kickstarter campaign for HexGambit, which I think is a great idea.



Congrats @ggggggggkkkkkk!


Congrats @ggggggggkkkkkk well played throughout, and thanks again @Torbreck for organising a great tournament


Congrats Taco!!!
You really rule the game and I’m honored to pass the title of the current WC to you! Impressive how you dominated this tournament and how you dominate Outwitters at all! Huge respect and celebrate this title! :supertitan:


Congrats gk! Well done.

Thanks so much for hosting an awesome tourney torbreck!!! My first one and I loved it! Next time I’ll make it way further!!! :wink:


Congratulations gkgkgkgkgkgkgg!

I think these are the games for those who are looking for them:
Game 1: Reaper
Game 2: Thorn Gulley
Game 3: Thorn Gulley


Thank you everyone and especially @Torbreck for running a great tournament and offering up prizes, you are the MVP of the forums for sure!


Congrats to the winner but also to the organisation and the t-shirt sponsor :slight_smile:


Congrats Taco, you really are the king of Outwitters (now that Pharma is retired :slight_smile:)

And thanks again Torbreck, it was an honour!