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OW World Dom. Tourney 02-05-16.pdf (145.6 KB)

Teams made up of at least 4 players battle against each other for control of Outwitters’ maps and ultimately for control of the Outwitters World. The team controlling most of the Outwitters World at the end of the season is crowned champion and obtains an advantage in the following season (advantage TBA). Teams will play representing their clan or if not part of a clan as a non-affiliated team. The Outwitters World Map will be updated throughout the tourney with a flag flown over maps controlled by a team. The season will last 9 weeks with a short playoffs if there are two or more teams tied with the same amount of maps owned.

Please note: This is a team event and is a 9-week commitment. Please read the rules carefully.

The goal of the tourney is to control as many maps as possible. To control additional maps, teams issue and receive challenges. A challenge is considered an Outwitters game between one member of each team for ownership of the map the match is played on.

To challenge for an occupied map, the challenging team must first own a map adjacent to the occupied map they wish to challenge for; if so, the challenging team issues a challenge to the team who occupies the map. If the challenging team wins the match, they become the new owners of the map. If the defending team wins the challenge, they keep control of the map.

To challenge for an unoccupied map, again, the challenging team must first own a map adjacent to the unoccupied map they wish to challenge for; if so, the challenging team issues a challenge to team closest to that map on World Path. If the challenging team wins the match, they become the new owners of the map. If the defending team wins the challenge, the map remains unoccupied.

The World path is the route leading to and from the maps located in the Outwitters World (see map).

Teams can only issue one challenge at a time for each map, but can issue multiple challenges at a time. Challenges for maps are first-come, first-served basis. Any subsequent challenges will be placed on a waiting list. Once the current challenge is finished, the next team can challenge for the map provided that they still own an adjacent map. If challenging team or defending team loses match, they cannot challenge for that map again until after any other team has had a chance to challenge for it or their turn on the waiting list is up. Exceptions to this is if no other team is able to challenge for that map.

Teams can take more than one challenge (or map defense) at a time, one for each of their owned maps closest to a team on world path or an unoccupied map closest to a team on world path. There cannot be more than one challenge for a map at the same time. Team receiving challenge (defending map) plays as P1. Defending team can choose to play as P2 if they prefer.

Teams that lose control of all of their maps and any challenges they have issued at any point during the season are banished to sea and must challenge team controlling Shark Food Island (SFI) or Skull Duggery. If neither of those maps are controlled, they can claim ownership of one of those maps. If multiple teams are banished to sea, they must wait their turn to challenge team controlling SFI or Skull Duggery in the order they were banished. Teams banished to sea that lose their ensuing challenge on SFI or Skull Duggery are eliminated from competition.

Teams that win their first challenge and/or defend their map can issue next challenge to any team closest to them on OW world path as described above.

Unless they have eliminated all other teams, or there are no teams available to challenge, teams must always have an ongoing challenge match issued and received during the season otherwise they are banished to sea and all maps controlled by them become unoccupied. A table with all ongoing challenges will be kept for reference.

Shark Food Island, Thorn Gulley, and Glitch
It is possible that during the season Shark Food Island, Thorn Gulley, and Glitch become unoccupied and the team owning the adjacent map (Long Nine, Reaper, Foundry) does not have a team to issue a challenge to for control of one or all of those maps. If this is the case, the team owning the adjacent map becomes the default owners.

Issuing Challenges
To issue a challenge the team captain posts in the tourney thread using the following sample:

@Wolfpack Team 1 Captain
Diamond League Team 1 challenges Wolfpack Team 1 for Sweetie Plains, diamondplayer1 will represent

Once this is posted, Wolfpack Team 1 has one day to start the Outwitters match. Note that the team captain is referred to in the post to alert his team of the challenge.

If the challenged team does not start the match within one day the match is forfeited. If a player has unforeseen circumstances and needs additional time to start a match, they must notify me in the tourney thread and I will allow an extension of time depending on situation and at my discretion. The matches initiated count for either player will not be affected for forfeits due to failure to start matches within the time limit.

Game Turn Time Limit
Due to the nature of this tourney, all games are to be played as quickly as possible. A player loses if their counter shows “They forfeit in 2d.” However, it is the responsibility of the other player to post here if this occurs so that they can be credited with the win. If a player has unforeseen circumstances and needs additional time for a turn, they must notify me in the tourney thread and I will allow an extension of time depending on situation and at my discretion.

Posting Results
Replays are posted in tourney thread and must include team names.

Diamond League Team 1 vs. Wolfpack Team 1
:replay link:

A maximum of 8 teams will be allowed to participate. Each participating team is assigned one starting map. One starting map per team regardless of number of entrants. There will be at least 3 unoccupied maps at the start of each season.

Teams are made up of at least 4 players of any Outwitters Tier o’ Skill but are restricted on the number of Super Titans and Masters per team. Here are the limitations:

  1. If a team has two Super Titans, the team cannot have more than one Master. The fourth player and any subsequent players can be from any Tier o’ Skill.

  2. If a team has one Super Titan, the team cannot have more than two Masters. The fourth and any subsequent players can be from any Tier o’ Skill.

  3. If the team has no Super Titans, the team cannot have more than 3 Masters. The fourth and any subsequent players can be from any Tier o’ Skill.

Teams must have a minimum of 4 players. A team can have more than 4 players but the Tier o’ Skill limitation still applies. A player must be ranked in a Tier o’ Skill in the current season or in at least one of the previous seasons to participate. If not currently ranked in a Tier o’ Skill, the players last Tier o’ Skill ranking will be used for purposes of sign-ups and balancing teams.

A team can substitute a player(s) in the event one of the original 4 team members drop out. If a team substitutes a player, the player that dropped out cannot represent the team in matches unless that player returns as a substitute. Any player that drops out of a team cannot substitute for another team for the remainder of the season. The substitute player carries over the number of matches played from the player they are substituting. The Tier o’ Skill limitation applies at all times.

All team members must participate and represent their team in challenges during the course of the season. Teams decide the order in which players represent teams in challenges, however, no one player can have three games more in amount of matches initiated over any other team member at any point in the season. In other words, a player can start two matches in a row or start a second match before all other team members have started a second match, but cannot start a third match until all other team members have initiated a match. A team sheet will be maintained that will keep tabs on the amount of matches each player from each team has initiated.

Team members can be added at any time during the tourney so long as the tier o’ skill limitation is not affected.

If a player goes inactive during the season, the team captain can post on this thread to remove the team member from the roster. If the team captain is the player who has gone inactive then any member of the team can post requesting removal of the captain from the roster. The team will then endeavor to obtain a replacement team member.

Any promotions during the season will not affect the above tier o’ skill team limitation but will affect any subsequent seasons.

Discussing tips and general strategy between team members is ok, but discussing and advising team members on specific moves is not allowed.

Team Captains
Each team must assign a team captain. The team captain will post in the tourney thread the challenges for the team and any substitutions. The team captain will represent the team and will be responsible for checking the tourney thread for challenges to his team. It is recommended that some type of messenger application is used between the team members to strategize and make decisions regarding player selection for team challenges and what maps the team will challenge for. I will create a PM thread for the team captains if necessary to impart important tourney information.

Season ends once:

  1. One team eliminates all other teams.

  2. All matches are completed that began prior to 9 weeks from the start of the season (In other words: At the end of 9 weeks no additional matches may begin). In this case the season ends at 5am PST of January 30, 2016. Team controlling most of the map at the end of the season wins.

If at the end of the season there are two or more teams tied with the same number of maps, a short playoffs will be conducted.

If there are two or more teams tied with the same amount of maps owned, there will be a seeded single elimination playoffs. Seeding will be based on:

  1. Highest Win/Loss percentage.
  2. Highest Win/Loss percentage between head to head matches.
  3. Overall combined team rank on most recent weekly elite list appearance (based on the 4 most active team players).

In the event there are more than 3 teams seeded, only the top 3 seeds will participate in the playoffs. Playoffs will be single elimination with best of 3 matches. Higher seeded team chooses from maps they own and plays as P1 twice. Lower seeded team chooses from maps they own and plays as P1 once. Team player rotation still applies throughout playoffs. Teams eliminated from playoffs relinquish their maps to victor.

Outwitters World Map & Team Flag
The Outwitters World Map will be maintained throughout the tourney to reflect the owners of the 11 Outwitters maps. The team’s flag will fly over any map owned by that team. Teams can select a personalized avatar to fly as their team flag or use their clans avatar as their flag. No offensive names or images will be allowed.

Tourney Mode
All participants in this tourney must submit the Tourney Mode Request form and set the tourney mode to ‘on’ and leave it in the ‘on’ position throughout the duration of the tourney. This ensures we have a fair competition and nobody is abusing the re-install cheat bug. Here’s the link to the thread regarding this: Tournament Mode

2nd Gen Maps
All players are required to have purchased the 2nd gen maps from the in-game store. This rule was added on 11/25/15. Any players who signed up prior to this date are not required to purchase the maps but it is highly encouraged. Teams with team members who signed up prior to 11/25/15 and did not have the 2nd gen maps will not be penalized on the amount of matches initiated rule since they cannot defend on those maps. They will still be able to challenge since they will be P2 for challenge matches.

The team captain can sign up his/her team and list all players in the team. Or players can individually sign up and be placed in teams. Any Super Titan who signs up individually may be assigned as a team captain (by me) and will have the option to choose from individual players who sign up with no team. Players who sign up individually and are part of a clan will be grouped into teams based on their respective clans. Included with the sign up of the team must be the clan affiliation, team name, players’ names and Tier o’ Skill, and an image file of the team’s flag. Players who sign up individually must include Tier o’ Skill and clan affiliation.

Team sign-up sample:
Clan: Diamond League
Team: Destroyers
DL Player 1-Super Titan
DL Player 2-Super Titan
DL Player 3-Master
DL Player 4-Gifted
(attached image file of team flag)

Individual sign-up sample:
Outwitter Player 1-Master
Clan: Non-Affiliated

The sign-up period will last until 8 teams are completed or up to 30 days. I may extend the sign-up period longer, depending on how close we are to completing the 8 teams or an even number of teams.

The Hammock Heroes
Starting Map: Sweetie Plains

  1. big boss :supertitan: :star:
  2. Lewer<< :supertitan:

  3. TheExcellentApple :master:
  4. clover_41 :gifted:

Mobi Egg Scramblers
Starting Map: Shark Food Island

  1. mr_13en :supertitan: :star:
  2. =) Random Task (= :supertitan:
  3. cmss220 :master:
  4. yagi :gifted:

Blood Diamonds
Starting Map: Glitch

  1. -PasswordisTaco- :supertitan: :star:
  2. thcdoremi :supertitan:
  3. .Memories. :master:
  4. Judgement the 3rd :gifted:

Wolfie & the Brains
Starting Map: Reaper

  1. AlliDooisRush :master: :star:
  2. spacechef :master:
  3. Phants :master:
  4. General Fracus :gifted:
  5. LegacyofEight :clever:
  6. Gospelfan :clever:

Squad Teapot Tea
Starting Map: Peekaboo

  1. Gullsjakal :master: :star:
  2. [:xyzzy:] :master:
  3. ILikeThatWhale :gifted:
  4. waterclouds :gifted:

Starting Map: Skull Duggery

  1. Rob-bobby Orr :gifted: :star:
  2. rcsum :supertitan:
  3. Mari BK :supertitan:
  4. OutwitterSupreme :master:

The Kodiaks
Starting Map: Thorn Gulley

  1. ShAdOw.* 198 :master: :star:
  2. Spidêr :master:
  3. 1NSAN3… :master:
  4. InsaneRA :gifted:

Alright guys, so honestly based on the forum activity as of late, I don’t know if this will get off the ground but it was an idea I had brewing for a long time that I wanted to put out there. I know @Chemoeum had a very similar idea and was probably on the minds of other players. Anyway, I may be stretching myself very thin with this one so if someone is willing to help out in managing this tourney I’d appreciate it. I’m going to wait to see how many people are interested before I toss my hat into the mix, but I do plan on participating. Also, if you guys see anything I missed, typos, contradictions, please let me know. - mr_13en

Rep Thread


AlliDooisRush - Master (lol)
Clan- Wolfpack

I might be getting my own team together, depending.


Thanks for signing up! I’m hoping you can get at least one WP team together, one reason for putting this tourney together is hoping to rekindle some friendly clan competition. Who knows, maybe one of the other clans will return.


I’m in!

Rob-bobby Orr- Gifted
Clan- Non-affiliated


Chemoeum approved :thumbsup:


Looks really cool!

Does the amount of matches played increment at the beginning of matches or at the end of them? This matters since it’s possible to conduct multiple challenges at once.

Let’s say a team is like this:

A - 3 matches played
B - 3 matches played
C - 3 matches played
D - 2 matches played

If I’m reading the rules correctly, A, B, and C have to wait for D to play a match before they can play again. But let’s say D starts a match. Then can A, B, or C start new matches as well, or do they have to wait until the D match ends?

Also, I’m definitely not going to participate as a player, so I’d be somewhat willing to help manage this thing.


I’m on Doodat’s team! :wolf:



Good question. The match increment should be at the beginning of the match. In your scenario, A, B, and C could actually still start a match but let’s say they had 4 matches played then D would have to start a match before any of the other players could play again. I’ll have to re-word it to make that clear.

Thanks for offering to help, let’s see how we do with sign-ups and then take it from there.


Ambitious tourney, would love to see it get off the ground

Phants - master
Clan - non-affiliated


Alrighty, we’ll see how this awesome tourney goes.

General Fracus - Gifted
GG clan


Ok, sent Alex a PM to get this posted on the Witter Digest, hopefully we get some interest. Even if we just get four teams I think it will be fun.

Also, updated the rules regarding matches initiated to go in line with @TheGreatErenan’s catch regarding the matches played increment…and I made the Tier o’Skill limitations clearer.

:trident: :globe_with_meridians:


Mr13 this map looks so amazing that I am in!


Okay, so shouldn’t it be “no one player can have three games more in amount of matches initiated over any other team member at any point in the season”? I mean, if I have 0 and you have 2, that’s two more, which would be against the rules as specified in the OP. Or am I seriously confused?


You’re absolutely right! I edited it.

Also, I’m going to write up something about SFI separately because what I had conflicted with what I wrote about teams being banished to sea and being able to claim SFI if it was unoccupied.


What’s wrong with that :DDD xD


Haha yeah after looking at it I’m gonna leave it, just fix it a little :smile:




Haha! I like that


OutwitterSupreme - Master
Non-affiliated clan


Waiting for it to get started.
Non affiliated clan