OW Word Dom. Tourney - Season 1 Champs: Squad Teapot Tea


@mr_13en, @big_boss, @OutwitterSupreme

ILikeThatWhale will represent on Foundry
[:xyzzy:] will represent on Reaper
Gullsjakal will represent on Sharkfood Island


On Q for Reaper


@Clover_41 @big_boss Send an invite to @Jackspy (GCID: Judgement the 3rd) for the Skullduggery challenge. He doesn’t have 2nd gen maps so he can’t be P1, but we need him to play this game because he’s only had 1 so far.

@mr_13en Waiting list for Foundry please

@0rr Invite coming your way soon :slight_smile:


Ok i will tell him to send an invite


Judgment the 3rd ready to play?





Please, clover_41, can you plase sent me the invitation as soon as possible? Yes, I know I was late, but please don’t embarrass me in front of everybody :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: .

whispering “I promise that I will respawn and give information much earlier”


@Gullsjakal: Haven’t received any challenges yet :slight_smile:


@ggggggggkkkkkk @mr_13en
The thing is @Clover_41 also doesn’t have 2nd gen maps but he is gonna get them by tomorrow so if you guys can wait till that then that’s fine or else i will assign some other player.


@mr_13en @Gullsjakal
@Lewer will represent on foundry


I thought you already had 5 matches initiated, but let me double check if you’re not close to being over 3 matches played from waterclouds.

Sorry guys been busy these last few days and just getting to updating everything.


No nevermind, I had tacked you on that you had an ongoing challenge but that was the same match as the one we have. This is what happens when you don’t keep up for over a day… :blush:


Got the invite from [:xyzzy:]

Waiting for invite from ILikeThatWhale


ILikeathatWhale is awaiting invite from Lewer for Foundry challenge


I was wrong. I’m waiting for the invite from the winner of the upcoming Foundry match :stuck_out_tongue:


We can wait if you’re okay with it. Thanks!


@big_boss , 1 day time limit for Foundry invite is fast approaching


@mr_13en @Gullsjakal can you guys tell me the hard deadline for the challenge so that i would send myself the game if @lewer doesn’t do it by then.
@Memories we are :slight_smile:


5 minutes from now at 2:14 pm eastern


As of 2:20 pm eastern time, ILikeThatWhale has not received invite to Foundry so he would like to claim victory.