OW Word Dom. Tourney - Season 1 Champs: Squad Teapot Tea


well i thought it would be around 1-2 hrs but have sent the game just now sorry for the delay.


Also @Lewer has also sent the game i dont know if he sent the game before me or not but i would like to give the liberty to ILikeThatWhale to choose his opponent
@mr_13en we need some moderating here


I talked to ILikeThatWhale and he said it is unlikely he would be able to win on Foundry against a Super Titan and would rather claim victory due to the invitation time limit spelled out in the rules being exceeded. He said the rules allow you to make an appeal to the tournament sponsor.


As much as I prefer that teams/players allow for some leeway on starting matches, the rule does clearly state that a match must start in one day, which in this case has already passed, and the team has the discretion in this case to allow for extra time or not. Sorry @big_boss, but if they are claiming the forfeit then that’s their choice.

My discretion is for turns longer than the limit but also players need to post ahead of time if there will be delays.

I will add that teams should take note.


I really can’t fault them for taking the victory, but, you know, a big part of this tournament is having fun, improving, and playing more matches on maps that might not be one’s forte.


@OutwitterSupreme , ILikeThatWhale will defend Foundry and send an invite tomorrow before the 2:14 pm eastern time limit

@mr_13en , add us the waiting list for Glitch and Skull Duggery


@Doodat, I agree.

I’ll be revising the rules to allow for discretion when it comes to starting matches.

The intent of the rule is for matches to start as quick as possible which one day is sufficient but if there is a lack of communication between the team then I can see how this can be an issue so hence why I want to give leeway for at least a few hours.

Really it seems like some teams are having communication delays. Is the current method of communication between teams working? Maybe everyone can share how they’re keeping in touch and see what works best, in our team we’re using standard iMessenger which has worked great so far…we also have a friendly 2v2 going so I guess we could communicate there as well.



@Gullsjakal: Looking forward to the game


Yeah, Slack is a pretty sweet team communication app.


@mr_13en , there appears to be a serious bug in the Outwitters app when you decline invites to multiple games. When ILikeThatWhale declined the two invites from the Hammock Heroes for Foundry, it removed the first invite on his game list and the active Sweetie Plains game which was third on his game list. How do you want to handle this?


@Gullsjakal, there’s really no other option but to start the match over. @0rr, can you confirm this?

I lost a match in my queue once too and now I’m wondering if that was the issue.


I had brought the 2nd generation maps.

Game invite to clover_41 for Skull Duggery had been sent by me, Judgment the 3rd (@jackspy).


I can indeed confirm. The Sweetie Plains game has completely disappeared. I can’t find it in OSN or anywhere on my games list. I guess we’ll have to start the match over.




I was literally just about to do that.


@TheGreatHabudabi, remember that Peekaboo match we had that disappeared? Do you remember declining an invite around that time?


Game invite to clover_41 was accepted by him, which means the match is progressing.


I’m pretty sure I have never declined an invite, ever, actually. So that can’t be what happened with our game. I had Alex poking around my account at the time in question though. I honestly think he did it by accident.


If dont think we minded :wink: