OW Word Dom. Tourney - Season 1 Champs: Squad Teapot Tea


That’s one of my top 10 Outwitters memories. LOL SvS on Peekaboo = kill me now.


tell me about it. Me and Doodat were playing a svs on sweet tooth, and we decided to just call it a draw because nothing was happening :stuck_out_tongue:


Skull Duggery: Jackspy (Judgement the 3rd) who was defending lost from @Clover_41.



@big_boss, with clover_41’s win, next up is a defense match against Warfarers. @Rcsum is repping.

Let me know when the match starts guys.


Yeah ok so @Lewer will be defending on skullduggery. Also put us in the waiting list for foundry (@Clover_41 will represent ) and war garden( @Apple will represent )


mr_13en big boss started the game with me instead of Lewer. Not a problem, just wanted to make sure you got the correction. Thanks.



Defence succesfull


@0rr , waterclouds will represent Squad Teapot Tea for Glitch challenge.


I will defend Glitch again


@mr_13en i think you missed our challenges on foundry and war garden in the waiting list


Blood Diamonds capture War Garden

@mr_13en Waiting list for Reaper and Skullduggery, please


@mr_13en , @ggggggggkkkkkk

@Gullsjakal will represent Squad Teapot Tea during War Garden challenge.


@thcdoremi will represent for Blood Diamonds


I should be able to update later tonight, been busy with the holiday. Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!


Merry Christmas to you all!!



waterclouds would like to claim victory on Thorn Gulley challenge due to turn time limit being exceeded


Yes, screenshot please.


@gullsjakal, so no leeway to Wolfie & The Brains on this huh? Just checking.

@Doodat, General Fracus reached the “They forfeit in 2d” mark on the Thorn Gulley match.

Btw, Mobi Egg Scramblers will be eliminated. I’m gonna lose the challenge on SFI so that will be the end for our team. The match is done next turn, so if W&TB are banished to sea I will allow a new SFI match to start since I have knowledge of the current SFI match. -Unless of course they decide to wait to play Skull Duggery.


@mr_13en , I just talked to waterclouds and she said the “They forfeit in 2d” message has been displayed for 6 hours; since she doesn’t know if she will win the game, she would like to claim the timeout win just to be safe


Ok well that means W&TB are banished to sea. @Doodat, your team decides on SFI or wait list for Skull Duggery. Let me know.