OW Word Dom. Tourney - Season 1 Champs: Squad Teapot Tea


Defense of Shark Food Island was successful.



@Gullsjakal @mr_13en
W&TB challenges STT for SFI, @spacechef will rep


Sorry about all this crap :frowning:

GG @waterclouds


@Gullsjakal @mr_13en
My game against against rcsum is about to be finished and @Lewer will be representing us for the next defense.But as he doesn’t have 2nd gen maps @Gullsjakal your player will have to send him the invite instead of him once my game is finished.


@Doodat ILikeThatWhale is defending Shark Food Island

@mr_13en counting this new defensive game, ILikeThatWhale should have an MI of 5 if you don’t count the invitation timeout, 6 if you do


@thcdoremi vs @Gullsjakal on War Garden is underway.


It’s been updated. I’m not counting the invitation timeout since no match was ever initiated.


Skullduggery was defended
@Gullsjakal your team can now start the game against @Lewer


Defense of Foundry was successful.



@ILikethatWhale: good game!


@Gullsjakal, reminder that Hammock Heroes are next up for Foundry, Clover_41 is repping.


@Gullsjakal the game on foundry should have started by now though i can give you a 5min leeway to start the game hurry up.
@mr_13en Also as lewer hasn’t received any invite for skullduggery so i would like that challenge to be nullfied.


@mr_13en as the game on foundry has not been started yet i would like to claim victory on that by time out forfeit.


@Memories, @ggggggggkkkkkk, Blood Diamonds is next up for Skull Duggery. Let us know who is repping.

@big_boss, ok, I’ll update the map and tables later tonight.


@Gullsjakal @mr_13en
Hammock heroes challenge for sweet plains @Clover_41 will represent.
Also put us on the waiting list for glitch.


@mr_13en according to waterclouds game was started at 12:18 pm eastern which is within the 1 day time limit from post of game completion on forum at 12:20 pm easten yesterday; this should be verifiable with database timestamp


Which game are you talking about?




@mr_13en i don’t think so they sent the invite in time is there any way this could be verified i am pretty sure that they exceeded and clover_41 hadn’t recieved the invite until before the forum showed 1day ago.


alex or adam should be able to check timestamp of when invitation was sent by waterclouds