OW Word Dom. Tourney - Season 1 Champs: Squad Teapot Tea


I’ll ask Alex if the start time can be verified this time but I don’t want that to become the norm. As it is I’m not a fan of forfeit claims in general.

If Alex can’t verify then it will become word vs word and that won’t work so from here on out, if the match is close to forfeiting then the team starting match in risk of forfeiting must post once the match starts with a screenshot prior to deadline. Otherwise it’ll be a forfeit. This is only in these cases where the match is about to forfeit. Normally the match should be started and the other team confirms the way we’ve been doing.


@Gullsjakal @big_boss
The “time limit” was to enforce the game was started in reasonable time. I don’t believe the rule is there to nitpick on rules for an advantage. In addition, the turn timer was to ensure quick play so someone didn’t abuse the turn timer. I don’t believe any of these are meant to be used as advantages.

The purpose of this tournament was to have fun games and experiences. I don’t believe that using the rules to gain an advantage is something fun.

Big boss I know you’re on edge about what has happened before, but please don’t let it affect you and your team’s mentality on the tournament. If this were a tournament on the caliber of the World Cup (not to say this tournament isn’t important @mr_13en :wink: ), I might see the rules as hard guidelines because it is a stricter tournament.

However, the setup of this tournament is to encourage Outwitters play, specifically geared towards newer players. If winning games through forfeits and using the rules to gain advantages over opponents is what this tourney winds up being, there was no point to it in the first place. I hope that we can all understand that.


@Doodat, what!? This tourney means everything! Haha jk, but seriously I agree wholeheartedly.


Is there a timer on the game invite once it’s sent? I think there is. Rather than time stamps , we should use an in game picture.


Also, those teams and players that are using the rules like they’re rock hard and must be enforced are stripping the fun out of this tournament. We’re here to play Outwitters, not win by any means necessary.


@Doodat i get what you are saying man.
So i wanna bring up a few things first of all @Gullsjakal let’s just get past that forfeit thing and consider that game live.But i wanna let you know as doodat said that the rules were just to mke this tourney faster not to be exploited.Your team member (can’t really say about the whole team) xyzzy takes his turn on purpose after one day and makes sure that it is before the 2nd day.As much as i think that’s a good strategy to take more time during your defense games but that wasn’t the point of the rule.The point was fast play not deliberately playing slow even when you can take your turns fast.This is really making this tourney slow.My point being winning is not the motive of this tourney but it is to have fun and enjoy the game.Rest is up to you how want you and your team to proceed in the tourney.


What was the final verdict on the timeout situation, are we up now?


@ggggggggkkkkkk, yes, the match in question was for Foundry.


It should be that they’re continuing the game.


@mr_13en This will probably cause a lot of extra work for you, but after talking it over with my team, we would like to pretend this timeout nonsense never happened. We propose the following:

Since the game on Thorn Gulley is still being played, we would like to give control of Thorn Gulley back to Wolfie & the Brains. Outcome of game will determine if we win or loose challenge. This would cancel current SFI challenge.

We would like to give control of Foundry back to the Hammock Heroes. This would cancel Skull Duggery and Glitch challenges. We can leave the current game on Foundry as the original challenge from us to them or they can pick a new defender and we will pick a new challenger.

Let me know if this sounds good or not.


I’d prefer going on with the maps currently and just play like this from now on :slight_smile:

Of course, I’m fine with taking back Thorn Gulley as well!


Thanks, OS! It was fun!


Hi All!

ILikeThatWhale here. How’s it going? I feel like this fiasco is mostly my fault, for multiple reasons, and unfortunately my teammates are taking the heat for it. Therefore I’ve opted to come out and explain myself with the hope of rehabilitating their reputations a little bit. (There is a captain’s thread which I have no access to–I’ve heard only rumors of what is said there, and perhaps you all have as well–but it seems to contain a fair bit of disgruntlement over recent events.) I was hoping all this would kinda slide, but I feel like I have to say something now. I’ll deal with what seem to be the two major issues in separate posts below. Although we might have some disagreements, let’s try to keep it friendly!


ISSUE #1: TIMEOUTS! OK, so nobody likes the fact that I claimed a time-out versus big boss. Why would I do such a thing? My captain merely mentioned that I thought I would probably lose (true!), but that isn’t really why. Against pretty much anyone but big boss, I would have let the deadline slide a bit; but with big boss, I was watching it like a hawk and I had Gullsjakal post it as soon as it was safely past.

So why big boss? Do I hate big boss? Heck no, I love big boss! He’s a lot like me. You see, big boss is a power gamer. He figures out the game, finds the loopholes, and exploits them. He isn’t concerned with spirit of the rules; he wants to win.

How do you think big boss got to be #1 in the world? It’s hilarious! Go check out his first player league games on OSN in the past 3 months. Notice anything unusual? No really, go do it; I’ll wait. You back? Lol! Yup, 60% of big boss’s first player games are against non-SuperTitans! 54% are against gifteds or worse!!! We puzzled and puzzled over it and finally figured out how he does it, but I’m not going to tell you how–that would ruin a fun puzzle for you! Anyway, becoming #1 in the world by figuring out how to get matched up against clever and gifteds? That’s hardcore. That’s cut-throat. I admire that! But when you give no quarter, expect no quarter. I suspect he has some other tricks up his sleeve as well; I’ll take my win and run.


ISSUE #2: LONG TURNS. There are different styles of play. When Gullsjakal asked me to join this tournament, I was like “I don’t know about this 36-hour time limit. That’s pretty gruelling. But I’ll give it a whirl.” If I had known people actually wanted us to move faster than that, I think I woulda bailed. You guys might like to move every hour or so, but I like to dwell on my move. I think about it; I sleep on it; I analyze it. That’s how I compete.

How do you guys think I beat Random Task on Long Nine? I can’t actually beat Random Task! That’s ridiculous! But I went to OSN and watched all his relevant games on Long Nine about 50 times each. He uses the same strategy every time, so I tried to design something to beat it. I spent a long time thinking about it. As the game went on, I spent even more time. In fact, on turns 15 and 17, I spent over 4 hours straight looking at the board and playing out scenarios. I needed every second of those 36 hours, and I wished I had more. Yeah, I’m obsessive.

Anyway, if your play style differs from mine, I’m sorry, but not that sorry. I’m not using up 34 of your 35 slots; there are plenty of other tourneys or league games to play. A 36-hour time limit is playing quickly to me. 'Nuff said.

Again, please don’t blame my team for any beef you might have with me. They’re cool guys/girls; I’m not. I’m an overly-competitive, obsessive power gamer with big boss envy. Still, I hope everyone is having fun despite the bumps in the road. Really great idea for a tourney, Mr 13en; I have some suggestions for you later.



@Gullsjakal, during the week I find little time to get behind my PC to update the standings and such so going back and setting things the way they were doesn’t sound like something I want to do. Id prefer to leave things as is but I’m willing to do it if everyone bears with me. However, how do @big_boss and @Doodat feel about this?

@ILikeThatWhale, PM me with your suggestions, I’d like to hear them.


I may be wrong and it sounds like @ILikeThatWhale n team may have found some other loophole in the game but I think the reason big boss has so many matches against gifteds or lower is because he plays A LOT. The game automatically matches you against a player from a lower tier if a player with your similar ranking is not available, which happens if you stack the queue as P1. Same thing happens to any player who reaches #1. I don’t think he’s pulling any trickery, but again I may be wrong.


Yeah, i remember reading several threads about how, if you can’t get matched up against an even player after a certain amount of time, the game than will match you against any player.



@Gullsjakal you saying those words is more than enough i appreciate it a lot but let’s not go back just continue on from here only.
@ILikeThatWhale I appreciate having a friendly rivalry that’s fine but questioning the credibility of my weekly rank or games that is something i can’t tolerate.I don’t know what you guys have figured out all i do is start new games and i get placed against gifted or newbies.That is not something i like hell i hate that it really puts me under a lot of pressure coz if i lose i loose a lot of points and winning doesn’t count for anything much.Due to this i have greatly reduced the number of league games i play.I used to play 35 games at a time to now 5 or 6 at the most.I have instead started playing friendlies with my st friends.
Some other tricks you say i guess we say those winning tactics here.Also i would like to know when have i not cared about the spirit of the game and just winning? I sure like to win who doesn’t.