OW Word Dom. Tourney - Season 1 Champs: Squad Teapot Tea


Hi big boss! Hey, I’ve been wrong before; perhaps you aren’t doing it deliberately. It’s just that you seem to be the only top-level ST it happens to, so we assumed it was deliberate. If our hypothesis was correct, we predicted we could figure out how it was done. We did figure it out. (You can see this by looking at xyzzy’s OSN account.) Therefore we assumed our original hypothesis was correct. But we could be wrong.

In any case, I’m not being disingenuous when I say I admire that; I really do totally admire it, if you came up with it. I wish I’d thought of it first! I only bring it up because I feel like I have to give a complete, full explanation for my actions. I don’t want Gullsjakal or xyzzy getting a bad rep for what I did.

Good luck to you; xyzzy seems to be skeptical about winning the Sweet Tooth game, so maybe we will be playing on Peekaboo soon. shiver


@Gullsjakal, I decided to just keep moving forward from here. No going back now. Thanks though. I added your team back on the waiting list for Skull Duggery.

So Foundry match between Clover_41 and waterclouds is ongoing.

Blood Diamonds are challenging for Skull Duggery

…and Wolfie & The Brains are still battling for survival on Shark Food Island.

@big_boss, @ggggggggkkkkkk, @Memories, @Doodat


This isn’t deliberate. Since his hidden skill is so far ahead of all the other STs and several of the top players that he can’t play don’t play as much, he is forced to play lower ranked players. The reason why other current STs don’t play lower ranked players is because he plays so much. As anyone outside of the top ten, it should be impossible to trigger this event. If big boss slowed down his game queue, other top STs would be queueing more often against master and lower. HOWEVER, this does NOT mean his skill level is lower because of that. He had to win to get to that skill rating and that consisted of playing STs, all who are very good and competitive, to get to that point.


@mr_13en what about our current ongoing challenge between xyzzy and Lewer on Skull Duggery?


yeah @mr_13en @Lewer had received the invite and the game has started so let’s consider it live as well.


i still don’t get what you are talking about and ho can anyone delibrately get matched against lower ranked players.If there is such a thing then please find a way for me to get placed with sts all the time.

Thanks. I must he is a very good n smart player he changed his opening against me and it is going to be very tough for me to stop his winning run made a few big mistakes which has pushed me in a bad position.


@ILikeThatWhale, Don’t question the credibility of @big_boss’s hard fought and well deserved position at the top of the hidden rank leader-board. Until you have spent time at/near the top of the leader-board you haven’t earned the right to make statements like you have above. @big_boss has spent a great deal of time training and learning to reach the position he is in and as one of his mentors I take great offense to your accusations.

On the topic of sketchy game play, perhaps you should take a look in the mirror and maybe remove the plank from your own eye before looking for a speck in someone else’s. 2 of your teams 4 accounts were activated approximately a month ago (conveniently around the time this tournament was started), another of them has played only 9 1v1 league games and yet your team currently controls the majority of the Outwitters world map. Add all that to the fact that a high percentage of the games played on those 3 accounts have your 4th member as the opponent or teammate and one might be lead to a very specific concluion about what exactly is going on…


mr_13en Warfarers challenge winner on Foundry. I will represent.


Sorry @ILikeThatWhale i don’t get your point. @big_boss is one of the strongest active players around, so no trickery is required to explain his rank if you ask me. I would also rather be interested in your explanation of the circumstances @TheGreatHabudabi pointed out above.

on another note: Your strategy countering my “usual” L9 strategy was pretty smart by the way. A good example that checking OSN is a good idea. It was a very well deserved win.


Wow, lot of drama all of a sudden. I can vouch for @big_boss. He played a bunch of friendlies with me as well just trying to improve his game.


@Gullsjakal, @big_boss, I thought the Skull Duggery was still being counted as a forfeit -ok I’ll make that change.

@ggggggggkkkkkk, @Memories, never mind, you’re still on waiting list for Skull Duggery.


Okay, let’s put all that behind us. We’re working out some stuff behind the scenes, but for now, just enjoy the tournament! Thanks!



I acknowledge that xyzzy and I are both slow players. Having been his 2v2 partner for six seasons, it is common for 2-3 days to elapse before we submit a move. So for us, moving in a single day might be considered fast. I understand this is frustrating to fast players like yourself and for that I do apologize.

I typically have to wait until the kids are in bed to get the iPad so that I can look at my on-going Outwitters games (a PC version would be awesome). This gives me about an hour to try to hypothesize potential unit type, count, and location on the fog-covered board based on unaccounted wit, approximate action count foot-spin timings, and my understanding of my opponent’s play style which I determine through OSN research performed on my opponent at the start of the game; I then analyze potential moves and possible counter-moves before I submit my move(s) and go to bed for the night. I know most people would think I’m crazy for doing all that, but that is the part of the game I enjoy the most. Especially when it pays off with a victory against a tough opponent, many of which I have faced during this tournament.


I received an invite from xyzzy and game has begun


@TheGreatHabudabi @Random_Task @Rcsum thanks guys :slight_smile: means a lot to me.I literally got a bit emotional reading those messages. :cry:
@Gullsjakal It’s fine by me if its unintentional but i felt this way coz on few occasions you didn’t respond to certain challenges like you knew they were going to be nullified so you waited out for that to happen.

Lol that is a lot of work if you really put so much of effort then i guess it is just a matter of time when your name will start popping in the top bracket of the weekly elite list.


Not sure about iPad, but if you’re playing Outwitters on an Android, you can install BlueStacks on your PC to run an Android emulation. This is the closest way to play this game on the PC.


With all these drama, I’m looking forward to Season 2 :stuck_out_tongue:


My guess is iPad in-app purchases are not transferable to Android version.


It is unlikely you will ever see me on that list as I only play one game at a time, each of which can take multiple weeks.


Your guess is correct.