OW Word Dom. Tourney - Season 1 Champs: Squad Teapot Tea


Would you care to share this exploit you have found? Or, at the very least, please report it to OML either on the forums or through the “Contact” section. Thanks!


@TheGreatHabudabi , @big_boss , it is entirely possible I was wrong about big boss; sorry, big boss.

On sketchy play: Gullsjakal and xyzzy are legit accounts. Gullsjakal would certainly be a super titan, but he takes his time with games so he hasn’t played enough to reach it yet.

waterclouds has been playing pass and play for quite a while, but she is just starting. She is learning as she goes. You might notice that when you watch her games. I feel like she’s pretty darn good though.

I have been playing for a while, but I opted to create a new account for this tournament, precisely because I’m super overly-competitive. I don’t want people going to OSN to see my games. It isn’t just what openings I like; you get all kinds of info from OSN. Does this person like to attack on this board? Where? How have they been beat on it before? Do they like to bring out specials early? Or at all? Are they your typical buffed soldier storm player, or do they like runners and snipers? Etc. So I didn’t use my previous account.

I retired quite a while ago before having made it out of gifted, so I am still a gifted technically. But yeah, I’m better than most gifteds. I’m fine with announcing my other account name after the tournament ends.


The idea is that everyone has relatively the same advantages and disadvantages.

As a response to sketchiness, we’re still looking into it, but it’s only for one player.


@Doodat @TheGreatHabudabi Let me help you out, I have been playing since season 2 but have only played a total of 47 1v1 and 2v2 paired league games combined. When Alex announced that all friendly and league games would be automatically posted, I was very unhappy and expressed my opposition to it in the announcement thread. Alex gave me some lip service about how he might add a button where you could opt-out of having your friendly games automatically posted on OSN, but of course that never came to pass. After the announcement, I decided I would minimally play 1v1 league games and not play anymore serious 1v1 friendlies. Instead, I decided to code up an Outwitters simulator using PyGame so I could play serious games with some friends of mine who also liked the game but also didn’t like their friendlies being posted on OSN. Anything else you two super sleuths wish to know? While your at it, why don’t you check out the 2v2 league game xyzzy and I timed out of on turn 4 because he invited me to the game when I was on vacation and was unable to play; I must be some kind of criminal mastermind to have set up such an alibi years ago.


I never accused you of anything and I think you’re a great player.


Sorry, I thought you were referring to the comment made by TheGreatHabudabi that xyzzy and I are the same person.


This tourney brings out a lot :slight_smile: world domination brings a lot above in people of course. I love this tourney and the concept. It is up to all players and teams to play a sportiv game.

I see for example a glitch on Glitch since I may defend succesfully for the second time but attacking is difficult. If I would play slower I would stall the game… But we need to overcome several attempts…

Does not matter though this tournament is awesome and I like a lot of the games I have seen so far. A lot of good, very good players or even true bosses are playing!


@Mari_BK, what are the race match ups?


Any chance you’d be open to sharing your sim?


Yeah totally agreed and have learned a lot and the next season will be more competitive then this one that’s for sure stt took all of us by surprise but not in the next season.


@Gullsjakal & @ILikeThatWhale thanks for the explanation. You seem to put a lot of effort into your gameplay and the outcome are creative and beautiful games which I enjoy a lot to watch on OSN. You shouldn’t be upset by people asking questions in my opinion. ILikeThatWhale himself (herself?) asked @big_boss about how he managed to be on top of the weekly list and referred to his history on OSN. I was puzzled by ILikeThatWhales strategy in our L9 game which didn’t fit to his gifted league player profile on which he started this tourney. I didn’t come out with a question right away but since your entire team appears to be very secretive I think it is very normal that people are asking questions back.

Anyway, thanks for the answers and of course for the great games you play in this tourney and thus share with us!


Uhm veggies vs feedback no problem ingame though


@Random_Task , Very good points, RandomTask. You have every right to wonder. But yes, the other account I’m referring to is a gifted. I haven’t played it in a while b/c I’ve retreated to playing mostly pass and play (which is also how I started). It’s less stressful than spending 4 hours per move on a league game.

None of these 4 accounts are the same person. @TheGreatHabudabi , why would you play friendlies against yourself? I’m not sure I understood what you were implying by that.

Again, I apologize for calling out @big_boss . I think you can see why I would be suspicious. I would not have said anything except that I felt I had to explain why I asked Gullsjakal to claim that timeout so quickly. It appears big boss could be totally legit; my bad. Good luck, big boss!


Playing friendlies against yourself and replicating a current game to play out different possibilities and the resulting turns


@Doodat Why would someone use a friendly game to do that when a pass-n-play game accomplishes the same thing but without the result being published on OSN?


Wait there’s something on friendlies? My bad, you’re right, passnplay is what I meant.


Challenge for War Garden was successful.



@Gullsjakal, @big_boss,

Next up is Hammock Heroes challenge for War Garden @apple (The Excellent Apple) is repping (unless that has changed).


This also means Blood Diamonds has been banished to sea! @ggggggggkkkkkk, @Memories, let us know which waiting list you want to be on, SFI or Skull Duggery.


@Gullsjakal @mr_13en
@Apple will be representing us no changes