OW Word Dom. Tourney - Season 1 Champs: Squad Teapot Tea


@mr_13en @big_boss
ILikeThatWhale vs The Excellent Apple on War Garden has been initiated


Defense of Glitch by Mari BK was successful.



Squad Teapot Tea challenges Warfarers for Glitch, [:xyzzy:] will represent


This is what I mean. Waterclouds given up the game and posts the game immediately. I think an immediate challenge after an unsuccesfull one should be possible only after a succesfully defence from the same map in this case after foundry is succesfull defended against us…

Otherwise delaying the game is almost the only option.



@Mari_BK, I see that argument and would make sense in a real life battle since in a manner of speaking, you repelled the opponent. Remind me about this for next season so I can see how the rules can be modified.


Yeah, the concept of this tournament is good. It’s unique and interesting. There are a few things that could make it better though, and I’m looking forward to next season because of that.


I completely agree with you @Mari_BK. Under the current rules, there really is no downside to an unsuccessful challenge against a single entry point map as the map can immediately be re-challenged. It definitely encourages the defending team to draw out their defensive games. Your proposed solution is one possibility, but I have another one which I might pitch at the end of this season which fits with the World War theme.

In defense of waterclouds, she gave up because there was no way she could prevent you from winning on your next turn. I have seen examples of other people doing the same thing during this tournament. The only reason the results got posted so quickly is because I happen to be at home on vacation today.


Defense of Shark Food Island was successful.



I agree. You shouldn’t be able to concede a game and then immediately issue a new challenge. Even if you are going to lose, let the game play out.


Alright, now that I have some time: @Gullsjakal @ILikeThatWhale @mr_13en @Doodat @big_boss

Right here you are praising what you have interpreted as cheating (what else can exploiting loopholes to obtain #1 overall be classified as) and straight up say that you’re “a lot like that”. Now, where could we possibly have gotten the idea that you (and/or your team) might not be explicitly playing by the rules?

If this were my tournament, I’d kick you out for this. First you admit that you believe that exploiting loopholes is admirable, and then, in a tournament where team composition is strict about league level distribution, you admit that you aren’t using your real account but a brand new one that you created explicitly for the purposes of this tournament. And then you expect everyone to believe what you say about what league level you truly belong to?

Amazing that you’re such an egomaniac that you’d spend however much time replicating the game just so that people can’t watch your replays on OSN (hilarious because no one is lining up to watch a :master: league player’s replays) and yet you feel comfortable in your decisions to ‘spy’ on your opponents’ replays on OSN. On that note, if you were so concerned with keeping your oh-so-private outwitters games secret that you had to recreate the game to keep your patented moves off of OSN, why wouldn’t you go through all the 2 seconds of effort to conceal your duplicate identities by starting and allowing to timeout a single 2v2 game? I can think of any number of reasons for a game you started as both partners in a 2v2 game to timeout after you started it, so having one in your history means jack & squat.

Don’t presume to speak for me. I simply presented the facts as they are recorded on OSN. I never once said that more than 1 account on your team was controlled by a single player. You came to that conclusion all by yourself, based on empirical facts.

[quote=“ILikeThatWhale, post:540, topic:12907, full:true”]
None of these 4 accounts are the same person. @TheGreatHabudabi , why would you play friendlies against yourself? I’m not sure I understood what you were implying by that.[/quote]

I’ve played friendly games (kind of) between my various accounts before. It’s a more natural representation of the game than pass-n-play (I’m also not afraid of the bogey man watching my replays on OSN). I say kind of because when I did so it wasn’t an actual game I was playing but simply an attempt to figure something out at a specific point/on a specific map. Especially when the new push notifications went live when the game was ported to Android because I could have the game open on 2 devices (one for each account) and as soon as the turn was sent it would reload the screen. Way nicer than pass-n-play.

See above.

Conclusion? I’m not convinced one way or the other about how many players you actually have controlling the 4 accounts, but you’ve all provided sufficient reason to question the integrity of your team. I like to win, but winning is not the end-all-be-all. Beating my opponent while observing the same parameters (or beating someone like you all who are operating outside of those parameters) is what makes winning worthwhile.

Fortunately, I know mr_13n will improve the rules package next season in consideration of what you all have done this one and the tournament will be better for it.


It actually only took a little over a week to throw together a very rough simulator using PyGame. Outwitters is a fantastic game, but the one thing that I always thought it was missing was a mechanism by which users could design and play on their own custom boards. As such, I had been thinking about creating an Outwitters simulator which would allow me to do just that with my friends. The decision by Alex to automatically post friendlies to OSN was simply the spark I needed to get me to actually undertake the challenge. I am sorry if you feel that this makes me an egomaniac but you are entitled to your own opinions.

I really could care less if people watch my league games on OSN, but I feel we should have the option of keeping our friendly games private. Apparently, I am the only person who seems to feel this way. As for people lining up to watch my OSN replays, at the moment, you seem to be the only one who cares about them.

I am sorry I misspoke when I stated that you said xyzzy and I are the same person. Apparently, you are one of those kind of people who prefer to make vague roundabout implications instead.


As long as you brought it up, what league level do you think AllIdooisRush (@Doodat sorry for using you as an example) truly belongs to? His current ranking of Master or his former ranking of Super Titan. Do you see the problem with your statement?


@TheGreatHabudabi , Hi TheGreatHabudabi!

I think a lot of what you say makes sense. However, your argument has gone off course at several points. How about if we settle this argument using empirical evidence rather than speculation? Let’s look at the one example we can verify.

We found this matchup bug about two months ago because we were curious as to how big boss was doing it. (Turns out he probably wasn’t–sorry, big boss!) Anyway, we experimented until we figured it out. You can see xyzzy ended up with about three matchups in the process, and then somebody else obtained another one to verify it. Once we figured it out, we laughed about it and went on.

If we were going to cheat, we at that point would have gone ahead and got ourselves 35 games, with more than half against fluffies and clevers. It would have propelled us directly to Super Titan. We knew this. Nobody did it. So the one concrete example you have is evidence we aren’t cheating. (Btw, to those of you who have asked how the bug works–sorry, we’ll tell you after it gets patched. It’s been explained to those who need to know :slight_smile: )

Sorry for my choice of words above. When I say I’m a power gamer and I look at loopholes, I don’t mean I break the rules; I mean I work within them to maximize my chances to win. But I’m not concerned about the fact that there are unintended consequences of the rules, or that nobody else understands their implications; I will use them to win if I can. That’s what power gamers do. One good example in this tourney is something several people have brought up–you generally do not want to finish your defensive games too soon. However, I don’t think I’ve even overly used this. I take a long time on all my games, and there are defensive games that were ending where I made my last few moves more quickly than was advantageous to our team. So I think I’ve played perfectly fairly.

Mr 13en, at least your tourney has not been boring! Nobody will forget this one!



No, there is nothing wrong with my statement. @Doodat’s AlliDooisRush account is a well established account that has slipped from grace a little bit, but is currently ranked at a level appropriate for his current level of play. An alternate account that was created specifically for this tournament in which league placement is paramount can be easily manipulated to land in whatever league you want. I can create an account right now and inside of 2 days have it placed in anything from :fluffy: league to :master: league while playing a maximum of 6 games.

Now, if @Doodat’s AlliDooisRush account were still ranked as a :supertitan: and he instead entered the tournament with his Doodat account (ranked as :master:) I would have called him out for BS.


If you stomped fluffies repeatedly it isn’t going to get you promoted to super titan.

Re: getting matched against pathetically weak opponents when you’re at the top of the leader board, it happens to us when we start a game and nobody within the defined acceptable range of our hidden rank starts a game within 2 days. (I think it’s 2 days, it may be 3, it’s been a while since I played). Anyway, after some defined period of time without an acceptable opponent the game gives up and dumps whoever the next unlucky person to start a game on us.

Now, if you found some other means to manipulate this, I wonder if we could use it to AVOID getting these matches. These matches are a large portion of the reason why people at the top of the game quit playing, because we get tired of stomping newbs. Having said that, I would not want you to post how to manipulate this publicly (if there is indeed some other way to cause it) because there are people who want to rise at all costs, crooked or not, and they would abuse it for sure. Hopefully Alex closes this loophole promptly, and hopefully it stops those matches for top players as a byproduct.


So, if a well-established Master level account was demoted to Gifted two days before the tournament started that would be fine with you?


May I suggest to open a discussion topic on this in the general forum.

It degrades the epic tournament form mr_13en has put out for us. Let us in this topic just enjoy this game.


And thanks


Blood diamonds challenge for SFI , @Memories is repping


@0rr Just a friendly reminder, [:xyzzy:] is still waiting on invite for Glitch challenge.