OW Word Dom. Tourney - Season 1 Champs: Squad Teapot Tea


@Gullsjakal havent heard from orr in a while. I can pick up the game again, but I need to check if we have a problem with the game number than. Since it will be my third defence in a row


@Mari_BK Please check. It is already 5 hours past when the invitation was due and given all the bad blood we have already garnered during this tournament, we would prefer to seize control of Glitch through a successful challenge.


@mr_13en @ggggggggkkkkkk I believe the current MI values for our team should be G:6, X:5, I:6, W:5. As such, Gullsjakal vs .Memories. on SFI has been initiated.


I know there is another thread for the continued discussion but I prefer to post here.

My thoughts and issues with what’s been done:

Picking on big boss for the time limit because of a misconception of how he made it to the top has no place in this tourney. I was fine with the forfeit claim but the revelation of the reason left a bad taste in my mouth.

Delaying defense games. To me it really just made me feel like what’s the point now. This tourney is supposed to be fun not just something else to dissect and exploit weaknesses on. If you are legitamitely taking your time on turns I understand, but delaying turns on purpose kills the spirit of the friendly competition. Trust me if I could have made it a 1 day limit I would have, but the 3 day counter comes up in less than 24 hours sometimes.

Creating an alternate account to compete in the tourney to mask player experience and OSN data. This one really gets under my skin. The revelation of ILikeThatWhale’s primary game account should have been made before the tourney, not after. I completely agree with spacechef, you shouldn’t have it both ways. If you can “spy” on our OSN replays then so should we. This created an appearance of deception that made other players upset/uncomfortable.

Everything else regarding true league rank and whether there are several accounts controlled by one or two players is all speculative so I’m not gonna go there.

Of course I plan on tweaking the rules for next season.

Personally I don’t care for alt accounts but as you please. My OSN is an open book to anyone who is interested. I have nothing to hide and I play the game for fun, granted I hate to lose but who doesn’t?

Regardless of all this, I am appreciative of everyone who has joined in this competition and I hope this will be a learning experience for all involved.


@Mari_BK, OutwitterSupreme needs to be next to play otherwise the matches initiated rule will be violated.

@Gullsjakal @OutwitterSupreme


Okay I initiated the game against xyz


@mr_13en, OutwitterSurpreme has not been credited for all of his games. I believe he has played four.


@mr_13en Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have posted mine in the other thread as not to clutter up this one.


@Gullsjakal, thanks for responding. I’m sure you realize now that it probably would have been best if at least you let everyone know that ILikeThatWhale was an alt but was truly gifted and only using the alt to protect his OSN data. Hindsight is always clearer.

Regarding defensive games, I was mainly speaking generally since there is no way to prove games were being stalled on purpose. This could have applied to more than one team, but more than that, it was a flaw of the rules which hopefully I am able to find a solution for.

All things considered, it sucks that your team is withdrawing. I think the two remaining teams are looking forward to trying to see how many maps they can win back - if any. I hope you reconsider, otherwise I don’t see a point in continuing this season. I know there are two teams left but it will no longer be an accurate finale. Let me know if you don’t think you’ll change your mind.


Sorry everyone, haven’t been very active this past week.
A lot happened while I was gone…


Defense of Foundry and Reaper were successful.


Gullshakal I hope you decide to finish out the tournament. I’m ready for the invite on Foundry if you do.


@mr_13en @Gullsjakal put us on the waiting list for foundry.
One more thing i will be out on a vacation from 3rd to 6th so can’t take turns on these dates hopefully you can allow extra time to take my turn.


@big_boss that’s fine with me. Just take your turn before you leave and you should be ok, even if the turn is sent back quickly.


I’ll double check this tonight but the standings has not been updated for a few days so you may be right. If you can, please also check.


Yeah i will if i get the chance that is my opponent takes his before i leave.


Defense of Sweetie Plains was successful.


@Rcsum, @0rr, I was wrong about OutwitterSupreme, he wasn’t obligated to start the match like I had said, therefore if you guys want to restart the match with a different player against xyzzy for defense of glitch then go ahead. That was my mistake.


@big_boss I finally got in contact with xyzzy. He said he can delay submitting his current move until the 4th so you don’t have to worry about the 3.5 day timeout. If that works for you.


No problem mr_13en. OutwittersSupreme will play it.