OW Word Dom. Tourney - Season 1 Champs: Squad Teapot Tea


@mr_13en @0rr
[:xyzzy:] vs rcsum on Foundry has been initiated


Alright guys, everything should be updated now. Give it a look and let me now if anything is wrong.

@Doodat, thanks to you and your team for playing! :smile:


Thanks @mr_13en for hosting yet another great tournament! We all loved it:)


Defense of War Garden successful.


@Gullsjakal @mr_13en
Hammock heroes challenge Squad teapot tea for war garden @Clover_41 will be repping and for foundry( challenger tbd)


@big_boss, so Clover_41 will rep for Foundry as well right?


@mr_13en @big_boss
ILikeThatWhale vs clover_41 on War Garden has been initiated


Nope not decided yet when we will be up i will tell you.
@Gullsjakal i think you meant war garden :confused:


Challenege for sweet tooth failed


Good game! Is there a record for # of mobis spawned in a game?


Lol yeah if there is we might be the leading contenders actually after turn 14 blunder and when he killed my mobi on turn 25 i had given up and was just having some fun :wink:


Challenge for Skull Duggery was successful


Challenge for Glitch was successful


I’m sorry everyone, but I have to say that [:xyzzy:] is the strongest player in this tournament. He beated 3 out of 4 people in a row. 3 out of 4, people, 3 out of 4. I’m beginning to feel sorry for Memories for fighting that guy as we speck because I’m not versing that guy!!! I’m sorry, @Memories, but if this guy, [:xyzzy:], lost, that’s miracle, but I’m still rooting for you, Memories. (crossing my fingers and putting my money for [:xyzzy:])


LOL - thanks for the confidence boost Jackspy. I’m playing Gullsjakal, though.


I meant Gullsjakal, sorry. :smile:

Thank you, Memories.


Defense of Sharkfood Island was successful


@big_boss, @mr_13en Clover is a couple hours from timing out; I’ve tried messaging him but no luck. Will check tomorrow to see whether he got it in.


@ILikeThatWhale, thanks for the update. Honestly, it’s been clear your team are the champions so it won’t make much difference one way or another at this point.

I’ll still formalize the victory once the season is officially over.


Yeah he hasn’t responded to me either also hasn’t taken his turn in 2v2 as well so i guess you guys take this win and get ready to face me for skullduggery :wink: