OW Word Dom. Tourney - Season 1 Champs: Squad Teapot Tea


@mr_13en we are still going to win we are now going into beast mode and now there’s no stopping us so don’t say that the winner is decided unless you meant us as the champions :wink: :sunglasses:


Defense of War Garden was successful


@Gullsjakal hammock heroes challenge squad teapot tea for skullduggery I am gonna play


@mr_13en @big_boss
waterclouds vs big_boss on Skullduggery has been initiated


For those wondering, the season ends 5am PT Saturday, January 30th.


But the final ranking will be decided after all the ongoing challenges are complete right we wanna atleast finish 2nd


Yes that’s true, for those games that were not complete. I haven’t recorded the last two games though so I’ll do that and see if it makes a difference.


Ok, so I updated the standings and @big_boss, here’s the situation. Even if you do win the current match on skullduggery (not that i’m hinting you wont), AND rcsum loses his current match against xyzzy, your team would be tied with Warfarers for second place. We’d then have to do a calculation for: Highest Win/Loss percentage between head to head matches, which actually we could do now. If your team has that higher percentage and those other two matches fall in your favor then you get 2nd place. If still tied then it goes to:Overall combined team rank on most recent weekly elite list appearance.

It’ll be tedious to go through each match HH played against Wafarers so I’d rather not do it unless necessary, but if you want to help me out with that I wouldn’t mind. :slightly_smiling:

EDIT: Those are actually the tie breaking procedures for the playoffs but I don’t mind applying them to final team placement.


Isn’t the first criteria the number of maps owned if so then we will have the ownership of 1 map and they none that is if i win and rcsum looses?


SO we played games against warfarers in this season and the score is 3-1 in our favour.
1)I won on foundry against rcsum.
2)Lewer won on foundry against rcsum.
3)Apple lost to mari bk on glitch.
)I won on skullduggery against rcsum.
Looks like @Rcsum has been our main target :smile: :wink:


Yeah, go ahead and rub it in big_boss. I definitely underachieved. Sorry team! As a side note, I’m going to loss my current match. I’ve been dead for a week but xyzzy is taking it slow. Looking forward to next year.


Yes, that’s right.


Defense of Foundry was successful


I think we have a clear winner this season! Teapot congratulations, amazingly played. I look forward to next season!!


Congratulations to Season 1 winners - Squad Teapot Tea!




Congratulations to @Gullsjakal and Squad Teapot Tea, and thanks to @mr_13en for organising and running a great tournament, looking forward to the next one.


Looking forward to Season 2!!!
Congrats Squad Teapot Tea!!


Congrats Teapot Tea


Congrats Teapot Tea!