Strategy in peekebo, with one you use?


Depends on the match up. Most matches mass 4 hp soldiers. Throw a sniper in there. Maybe a special unit depending on your class.

Vs scally, try to pressure early and hope you can get away with it. if you allow them too much time they will mass bombshells then things get bad.

If you are scally, get some soldiers until you feel it’s safe to get a bombshell, then keep massing bombshells and push up with them for the win.


If I only play veggies? :frowning:


Mass 4 hp soldiers, keep a runner around for vision. Add in a sniper, keep your heavy alive the best you can.

Personally I like to keep a couple runners around. One in range of their spawn and one in range of the wit spot. Make sure they are protected by something though and not just free for the taking.

Here I’ll give you some links. - this is what I was talking about with the early pressure. This is not easy to pull off, but honestly probably the best bet

  • this shows off the massing strat a bit but more importantly, positioning and attacking wisely and the kinds of strategy you will need to pull off with veg at a higher level.


Woow Impressive hahaha, thanks, I’m was in master legue, but I was degree, I leave the game like for one year and retake now, I lost some practice. Is my favorite game seriously hahaha, normally I don’t have problems to use the bramble, only in certain maps like peekaboo or shark food island is more complex


Those replays aren’t of me, I’m horrible at veggie haha. Just to clear that up.

Edited my last post to fix the second link.