Player created/edited maps


i have been wondering @onealexleft if you could still add maps in game that have been (created/edited the existing) by the outwitters community all the interested people could pitch in their ideas for the map and hopefully we could create a few fun new maps to play on .

i found some interesting maps on

i edited the map sugar rock

if you would have to put too much work/effort for adding new maps then there is no point and i will patiently wait :persevere: for outwitters 2


it was something we wanted to badly add in 2.0 of Outwitters but we simply didn’t have the time/resources :[. Sorry!

On the bright side: you’ve got Hex Gambit to look forward to :smiley:


thank you for the reply :relieved:

waiting for hex gambit :relaxed:


Hex Gambit map maker confirmed


Lol no.


Alex is failing at hiding stuff. Map maker confirmed!! You need to work on your poker face :wink:

Hehe just kidding. I can’t wait for hex gambit!!! Is there a rough release date yet? Like a general idea? Like fall 2017?


Lol indicates sarcasm. Hence the “no” that follows really means “yes.”