Private Team Categories


For those with private team forums, if the head of those teams could PM me in the new forum I can get you setup with access to your private categories for your respective teams.



Does Discourse allow you to put some kind of clan badge next to a player’s to denote membership as was possible on the old forum? Not a pressing concern of course, but just wondering if the functionality is available for implementation sometime down the road. It would be nice to see which clans still have active members, especially for new players who are looking for a clan to join.


ya I’ve seen it done I believe on the official discourse forum. I’ll have to look into it. If not, should be a relatively easy plugin to write. There’s an updated that revamps the user profile cards so it might have some new features. Holding off on it for now until I get the rest of the forum posts imported today.


Thanks, Alex. Looks like Harti took care of ours.


How can I make a Header with more than one word? I am trying to update my thread of the GG Champions League.

#How #are #you ?


Hmm I think I got it. I just needed to put the # at the beginning. The thing is I was putting some alignment first


right. a single # will make it a large header. multiple ### will make them smaller.