Ranked game showing up as friendly?


Anyone know why a ranked game would show up as friendly on osn? Will it still count towards my elo and ranking?

The game the arrow is pointing to on both screenshots are the same game. It never showed up on osn so I put the replay link in the link finder.


There is the link in case it makes a difference.



Haven’t seen this happen in awhile, but I believe it does still count towards hidden ranking. Not sure there was ever an official explanation from the devs.


last time it happened to me the game was counted in (weekly elite list + points for game+profile wins)
don’t know about the hidden ranking though


Sweet, no worries then! Insane how do I find your account to invite you? Your account on osn clearly isn’t the one you are playing on. Same thing with lewer he has 2 accounts on osn with the same name and one is master one st


i go by CH0DU these days

hey @Memories i need help in changing my forum name to CH0DU


Wait for tournaments too?


Yes my current opponent knows that