RTS titles for iOS?


Does anyone know if there are some good RTS titles available for iOS? It seems like pretty much any multiplayer games are either MMORPGs (yuck) or TBS, but i feel like trying something different.


Mushroom Wars and Tentacle Wars are both iOS rts multiplayer capable, both very simple rts games.


+1 Mushroom Wars, that game is fun!


It WAS fun until it wanted me to buy the rest of the game

I got Tentacle Wars but i thought it was a bad game. Then got Mushroom Wars and i was like “wow i love this game” and then i realized it was basically the same as Tentacle Wars. But i still think Mushroom Wars is much much better


You can still play online multiplayer (which is better than the campaign IMO) without buying the game.


check out Galcon.


http://www.autumndynasty.com/media/#prettyPhotoAutumn Dynasty is easily the most polished RTS on iOS with the touch interface in mind. The only problem is that there is no online community as far as I’m aware. If we could get some people together though to play it it has a lot of potential. It does have a reasonably lengthy campaign as well as AI skirmishes to keep you entertained for a while though.

http://orator-games.com/index.php/games/blue-libra-2/blue-libra-2-screenshots/Blue Libra 2 is a good Galcon-esque multiplayer RTS with quite a bit more complexity than Galcon (different ship types, you can upgrade planets, and in single player there is a tech tree). Again, though, I’m not sure about the player-base. It’s a shame that only the most casual RTS (Mushroom Wars) is the one with a strong player-base.

http://mushroom-wars.com/media.htmlMushroom Wars would be good except there is no way to choose to play 1v1/2v2 etc. It’s all random and many times you play FFA. Instead it’s a really casual experience so if that’s what you’re looking for, great. If you want a competitive game though you should give it a pass. Also Mushroom Wars is one of those “iAP games” whereas Autumn Dynasty and Blue Libra 2 are nice “premium games”.


For completeness sake, there is also Auralux, which appears to be another game in the vein of Galcon.


Does Plants War count?


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You can still play online multiplayer (which is better than the campaign IMO) without buying the game.

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There is no multiplayer


With Mushroom Wars?




The multiplayer is right under the campaign button


There isn’t a button anywhere near it. The only other buttons are the small buttons on the other side[hr]
Of the summary thing




Mine just has campaign by itself
No multiplayer button


XD. Gg wp mushroom wars


For iOS I like:
Mushroom wars
Blue Libra 2

I don’t like autumn dynasty. I know many people do like this game (Szei has posted multiple times about it) but I think it’s almost too complex for an iOS device. The game requires lots of speed, like Starcraft, to be good. I can’t really play that fast on an iPad so I would say that I would prefer such a game on a PC.

Mushroom wars is casual fun but I think it works better on iOS and seems more intuitive to me. Blue libra 2 is also very fun but no one plays it :confused:


Flight Control Rocket, its like Flight Control except with rocket ships and its free (when i got it, idk bout now)


Does Plants vs Zombies count as a real time strategy game?