RTS titles for iOS?


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Does Plants vs Zombies count as a real time strategy game?

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Maybe? It’s great fun!


I’d say that’s tower defence.


That game is awesome but the last levels of the campain when you play it for the second time are very hard!


What about Spy Mouse? You have you draw his path around the house to collect cheese but you have to avoid getting spotted and eaten by the cats that are strolling around the house[hr]
And in Plants War, its kinda like Outwitters except its vs a computer and its real time and you are not limited to hexagons

You play as Leafy the Hero and there is a war because the animals want the forest and the plants are fighting for it. You will have backup units spawning and you have to destroy their base.


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XD. Gg wp mushroom wars

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An updated added Multiplayer to my game


I wanted to recommend War with Goblins