Runner's Dash Attack


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Back from the land of sound design (for now), I’ve had some time to work on in-game stuff again. This new video shows off our runner’s powerful Dash move, which slides you infinitely along any straight path. It’s useful for adding extra mobility, and even deals light damage if you ram an enemy with it.

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Very cool. Imagine how good it would look with a chrome* runner!

*chrome packs still available on kickstarter!


So excited for you guys!


I begin to understand why the arena is smaller than in Outwitters.

But finally, I don’t remember, there will be only one arena ?

I hope you will reach the stretch goal :slight_smile:


Yeah, they’ve said before that there will be one 1v1 arena and one 2v2 arena. It’s possible that they will release more in the future, but they believe that the team diversity will be enough to set matches apart.


Right. Hex Gambit is shooting for less map-focused matches. Being able to bounce over heads makes your formations kind of a living part of the map, changing turn by turn.

If we find the time somewhere, we’d be looking at a few, well balanced maps rather than a huge volume this go around. Your minions can do a lot more than the Outwitters minions could, so the maps aren’t needed as much for variety.


I wish I could back more to hit that $15k mark :frowning:


Things have picked up a little today, we’ve got a decent shot!


Fingers crossed, getting close!