Running game suddenly disappears


Hi my friends of outwitters,

at first I want to thank you all for playing outwitters. For me it is the only game I played ever for real! I dont want to play another game, because outwitters have all criterias I expect from a game. So far. Great :slight_smile:

But I have a little problem, eventually it is a bug.

I started 1 month ago a 2vs2 random game. My oppenents were Taerigi & echoron, they were at first position in 2vs2 master team. My partner was Dessssssss. It runs good for us in that game, I had the feeling to win that game. Just in that time, we are near to finish that game, the opponent Taerigi stopped making moves. 4d,3d,2d,1d - 5h. When the 5h are over i am wondering, that they dont loose this game. Usually when you dint make a move and 4d are over you loose that game. But not in this case. The game suddenly disappears. It was out of my list. No win for us, simply disappears.

Is here anyone how had a similar experience? What is that? Is that a bug?

…Meanwhile I started a few other league games 2vs2 random (13) - but the algorithem from outwitters assign to me at all games these two teamplayers Taerigi & echoron. But Taerigi didn’t make any move. 13 games were in my list against them …Four days, three days, two days, one day he did’nt make a move and the third player was the whole time in all of that games “waiting for player”.
After four days all of these games expired.

I really dont know why. And why they have at all the possibility to to that in a league game - and nothing happens. I ask them in the chat, but they didn’t react. They can choose by this way, against whom they want to play - and against whom they dont want to play. In a league game! They can even hit (they did it too) the “give up” button to finish the game without loosing points, as long as the third player slot is “waiting for player”

Yesterday i started again a 2vs2 random league game. You can guess against which players? Taerigi & echoron. Great! I am pissed of.

I whished there will be an update of outwitters, that cancels this option, to choose against whom you want to play by doing nothing or hit the “give up” button if there is one slot with “waiting for player”.

So long, excuse me for my english, i am not very good in it.

I wish to you much wins and good games!


Yup has happened to me a couple of times while playing 2v2 one was around turn 10 and another around 30 then they disappeared from the list .

Well if the games had expired you would have been given the victory cause if u invite a player and he doesn’t join the game and that game timeouts
The opponents are the given the win.

Well the "give up " button I have had opponents do that to me as well it gets annoying sometimes especially if u only get paired against them one game after another you can’t do anything about that .

I have also used give up option a few times in my 2v2 .( e.g. wrong races pairing in high level matches cause I was not the player playing with adorables then asked my partner to start the matches and I wud choose according to map,getting the same map hah their are only 5
and lastly In 1v1 i avoid playing a few maps like sweetie plains .