Seeking Partners or Opponents


Hi! Looking for a partner in 2v2. I’m a Master in 1v1, but have little experience in 2v2… Invite me! Gamecenter id: Goldensun_it



Looking for 2v2 partner. Had several partners in mAster go missing…


I am he who has many partners! Let me make some room and I’ll send an invite!


I am she who has…one partner, the Great Baustini himself! Long Live the Cloak But if you do not mind my apparent lack of skill, I can become she who has TWO PARTNERS gasp


Oh hey. I’m back. With a new GCID, if you don’t mind starting from the bottom -_-

Other people can send me friendlies or partner up or whatever too, just don’t spam me invites, kay? I’m a busy guy and I like to take my time.


GC: cjacobs98
rank: peak: gifted #1, current: clever #6
looking for someone with a bunch of experience to help me train because i took a 6 month break from outwitters and just rejoined. 1v1 and 2v2 :smile:


See above. I ain’t great - tons of people on here are much better - but I might have some pointers for you in my free time :slight_smile:


Anyone up for some 2v2?




Yes :slight_smile:


Don’t really have a partner right now, just a lot of 2v2 random.


I will do 2v2 with anyone that wants to partner with me always


@Demon want to teach me a little about 2v2? :smile:


@spacechef Let’s get back in it!! I’ll shoot you an invite in a bit :slight_smile: @cjacobs I can show you the ropes, no problem. You’ll also be getting an invite :slight_smile: @baustin42 You’ll always be my one and only <3


Sounds good.


@cjacobs I’ll play with you but I’m not that great.


ok my GC is cjacobs98


I endorse Legacy. You’ll probably have a lot of fun if that’s what you’re looking for:). I’m definitely more along the lines of the type of player that looks for wins.


care for a game right now? I’m bored :wink: