Seeking Partners or Opponents


Sorray, I’m not going to be concentrating on much other than school until end of finals! 2 weeks, wait for me :smiley:


oh sorry I just started it :frown: we can give up if necessary


@cjacobs , start a game, I’ll play.

@baustin42 , I started a 2v2, I’m playing veggies.


I’ll play it no prob! It just might not be the best game I play xD


Your minimum game is still too much for me lol




I took about a year off and now I’m back. I’m looking for some hot 2X2 action with some like minded individual. Anyone interisted please let me know. - NDRDOG

I’m not opposed to multiple partners or even swaping partners if that’s what your into. You only live a couple of times, right?


I like your ad :wink:


lol the new forums have a button for this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was trying to hint at the… provocative… nature of his posting.


You can send me invites if you like, I’m always open to experimenting with new partners :wink:


I forgot what was going on and thought this was a serious post, thinking, “wat?”


Wait, if I unpin this, does it make it unpinned for everyone?


I rarely make serious posts


Oh god. PG-13


Yes, so don’t mess with that :wink:


I’d be sorry for you the day these forums become rated G.


Any1 who is good with communicating with 2v2’s? I’m big on strategy, so if you have no plan, we are not the best match. Winter break is close enough, I like to play with people who are on a lot and have a lot of game time.


And chatting. If you do not like cats, don’t even try me, if you do, I shall declare war against you right meow, (get what I did there?s :smiley_cat:) and pls don’t be serious I beg u I fan :cat2:


@LucatplaysFTW I’d be willing to try you out I’m big on strategy but I am also big on teamwork.