Seeking Partners or Opponents


Hi Outwitters Community!

I’m looking for a group of 1-3 people who are willing to help out weekly in a tournament (once a week, anywhere 5-30 minutes).

This tournament will be weekly (duh) and consist of primarily an analytical judging portion.
There are no real prerequisites, but I’m looking for long term community members with a strong grasp of English humor or Outwitters analysis.

I will need to communicate once a week with those who wish to apply:
iMessage, kik, email, or some other form of suggested communication all work.

Please PM me if you want to help out!



After reading this I’m just really curious as to what kind of tournament you have planned. Anyways, does it have to be at a specific time every week? Or just once a week at any time


It’s any time at all.


I can help then


Just PM me with your contact details!


I’m going to clarify this a little more just in case.
It will not take a significant amount of time.
Anyone can do this if you know how to speak English and play Outwitters.
It will not be boring tournament running material. I will take care of running the tournament, I will need you for a part of the tournament. It will be possible to assist me and participate in the tournament.



I’ll help out. You have my deets.


Looking for gifted/master partner for 2v2 that can handle 5-10 2v2 league games. Any race is fine. Hoping to at least get into master league, potentially into weekly elite. (nearly there, spacechef.) Also, if you hate machination, you’re the person I’m looking for.

Help! I'm getting killed

GCID: Rar™ Rank: Fluffy, I’m looking for someone who can help better my game or just have fun with


I’m gifted, and I’m far from the best here, but I am willing to train :fluffy: / :clever: , or maybe even :gifted: and can help people from lower leagues to increase their skill and overall understanding of the game.

If you want to, send me an game or two at The Excellent Apple .


Can you send me one Apple when ever I try to my game crashes


You seem to have reached your game limit. Tell me when you have a free spot for a game.


K I’m done my game now, go ahead Apple


Apple, can I battle you? My username is Plutoniumcube.


I’m willing to battle / give advice.



Fellow clever looking for clever friends


@plutoniumcube I suggest you take this nice opportunity.


I’ll be that person. (I actually thought I replied beforeApple even made this post.)


Looking for 2v2 partner, got back into the game recently.
Gamecenter : Jason.m42
1v1 rank: Gifted

Was playing random 2v2 but just played with a guy that surrendered turn 1 so I figured I’d ask for a partner instead.


Who want to be my partner.
Gamecenter id: semantikus

This is my achievement so far